Defensive chess openings

Having a proper defensive strategy is an important element of a chess repertoire for players. In most cases, it is considered to be Black’s privilege. White’s brutal intrusion at the opening stage of the game is a common thing. However, both sides need to know how to reply to attacks efficiently. Further, we present working defensive chess openings that proved their efficiency in practice. Do you love the game of chess? Join chess clubs in New Orleans, LA and improve your skills.

Defensive chess openings

Best defensive strategies

  • Caro-Kann. This is an example of a highly popular opening in a defensive style. After the initial e4 move, Black responds with c6. After that, the player intends to come out with d5. That happens instead of attacking the rival’s central pawn on e4.
  • Here we have the best-scoring way to reply to White’s initial e4 move. It is very popular at the top levels of play. The defense is known as aggressive and staking claim in the central zone. The point is to move the pawn to c5 when replying to White at the first move.
  • This is a mirroring type of opening where White begins with e4. Then, Black executes a counterattack and moves their pawn to e6. Even some tough chess players may find it hard to deal with this strategy. French is quite an unexpected and unique defense.
  • It’s a hypermodern style of defense. The sequence involves the opening d4 move and Black’s f5 response. This is a preparation for the attack on White’s kingside in a few moves. The strategy is risky, yet potent.

Definition of good defensive chess openings

Generally, this is a complete system designed to work against White’s standard opening moves. It should bring certain benefits to the player, for instance, a positional advantage. A proper defense is strategic, solid, and efficient when played correctly. Also, it isn’t necessarily for Black only. There are reversed variations that White can successfully apply in the game as well.


Defensive chess openings are definitely an important and helpful tool in your chess arsenal. The more time you spend studying them, the better you can perform as Black.