3 Basic Chess Openings for White #Shorts

We’re back with another short chess lesson!
In this video you’ll learn a few common chess openings for white.

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  1. Did you loose one of your pawns 😅😅

  2. ah yes, the Spanish, a very basic chess opening

  3. what is this board called? i like the basic look of the pieces

  4. Guys the easiest way to win chess is to shoot your opponent

  5. The computer look of the board is easier to understand than the on board video.

  6. My girlfriends parents got me this for Christmas :,)

  7. I always use scotch and pionziani and just once I saw some one use the scotch opening, the scotch is good because most people normaly plays, is Nxd4 and after that both players start trading until your QUEEN is taking over the center with your pawn

  8. Wait is this the guy who speaks in the tutorials???

  9. 1.e4 tipically black response is 1.c5, it is the most common

  10. And the retreated bishop in B3 will be captured… any solutions for this?

  11. yea the three/four knights game just doesn’t exist

  12. U could play the ponziani opening which is e4 e5 Nf3 Nc6 c3 and d4 it helps u control the centre

  13. You ripped this directly from your lesson lmao

  14. That was Spanish opening in the beginning?

  15. Hey can you do a video on how to play?

  16. Me, an intellectual: “KINGS PAWN OPENING”

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