3 Beginner Chess Openings You Can Play With Black!

In this video I teach beginners how to start out the game with the black pieces against white’s most common openings moves. You’ll see the Queen’s Gambit, Ruy Lopez, and Guioco Piano.

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  1. GothamChess is entertaining but you are the real deal when it comes to teaching

  2. 1:45 I wish I had known about that Qd4 response a few months ago. I knew what the Ruey Lopez was, but I hadn't actually seen someone take the knight immediately with the bishop, and then follow it up by taking the lone pawn. I played pawn to f6 attacking the knight, then they played Qh5+. Wasn't long before they took a free rook with their knight/queen combo

  3. Why not Kc4? I forgive with Kc4, you’ll have coverage in the center?

  4. Great content. Would be happy to support if you took Bitcoin!

  5. Just want to say I really appreciate your pacing with these videos. A lot of other instructional channels whiz through the moves when us beginners don't exactly have all the squares memorized.
    These are really helpful and I can tell I'm getting better from them.

  6. The only thing that kind of unfortunate is that I can't give this video several likes instead of just one 🙂 Great stuff, bro. Very clear and informative.

  7. Its such a pain trying these tactics as a low elo beginner since your playing against noobs aswell and they just blunder a piece but ruin your setup

  8. I didn't even see that you can take there queen with the bishop wow great video and thumbs up thx

  9. This content is great for my 6 year old, who has been learning with Story Time Chess for over a year now. I think another video that goes over each possibility more slowly with specific exercises to practice would be awesome. Thanks!

  10. Great video. A couple simple ideas. Love it

  11. Thank you so much for your videos, they are great!
    I would like to hear your opinion about what abegginer should do ( been playing for like amonth, rated 600)? Learn the openings? Traps? Just play ( until what grade)? Its very confusing…
    Thank you!

  12. If the game goes 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Bxc6 dxc6 5.Nxe5 Qd4 wouldn’t white be better to play 6. Ng4? Then 6…. Qxe4+ 7. Ne3 and white can still castle. Is black in a better position still?

  13. You r a f*cking genius mahn…..learned a lot… keep going🤩🤘

  14. I have been playing chess for 10 years but still learn a lot from your videos. Keep up the good work !

  15. After playing …a6 in response to Ruy Lopez, I've never seen them trade their bishop for my knight out of maybe 30 games. They simply retreat bishop to a4 or c4. What should we do in these cases?

  16. Queen trading is the most stupidest move I have ever seen, especially at the start of a game. It only makes sense when you have a significant material advantage. I hate queen traders. "I think I will cut my right arm off, but it's ok, but I cut off your right arm too, LOL."

  17. I really don’t need this video I just want to learn some more classical chess

  18. These are great videos. I really enjoy them. What software are you using to demonstrate the game? Is it just a simple human vs human game on standard software or "demonstration" type software? Thanks for the vids.

  19. It would be helpful to give the names of the openings you are playing. I assumed you're showing us the "queen's gambit" first since it's listed first in the description, however, when I google "queen's gambit" the internet tells me that the queens gambit starts with 1. d4 d5 2. c4. But you started with 1. e4 e5 so I'm so confused as to what this opening is called and I feel stupid 🙁

  20. i think that the tips are good but this isnt good for beginners. at low level play people arent going E4. when u make tips for beginners that rely on ur opponent going moves like E4 then it instantly stops being good for beginners. like if ur brand new to chess and going against newer players ur not gonna see E4 a whole ton like u would in mid-high level play.

  21. 5:09 why move this knight there? whats the point of that? (I'm beginner)

  22. Two Thumbs Up, Great Content, Good Presentation. Video and host recommended for individuals intended.

  23. The last trick was mind blowing👌

  24. Bro I that silly trap there was fun to see continue making content

  25. Thank you for your videos, they are very very good. I teach many things on the channel, learning from you

  26. This video really helped! I like how there was some clear theory behind each line, but not an overwhelming amount of theory; after all I am a beginner.

  27. thank you man, i get caught out a lot by this

  28. Both ur beginner openings involve sacrificing a queen. Might not go well. Lol

  29. 5:27 My opponent moved the d Pawn to d4 actually, giving the King an escape route. What do I do then?

  30. If I was the opponent, even before seeing this, I would’ve had it . And no, he’s not better then Gotham chess

  31. around 1:34, if the bishop doesnt take, do we push the b7 pawn to kick the bishop out? Just wanna check wut to do, thanks lad. Ima watch more of ur tutorial vids

  32. Awesome video! Question about the third example…in your example they castled and then brought the pawn to G5 but what to do if they move bishop to G5 instead of castling?

  33. First time seeing your vids! Subbing for sure!

  34. I'm only a 620 Elo, but I can tell this video has already helped improve my game quite a bit, thanks!

  35. I too appreciate the tempo you exercise while teaching chess. It is paced to allow slower players to follow along and actually learn moves. Many who teach try to dazzle us with their verbal footwork and instead of learning we are tasked with catching up. I enjoy your videos.

  36. So looking at this I'm thinking you set them up for the fried liver attack.

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