3 Beginner Chess Openings You Can Play With Black!

In this video I teach beginners how to start out the game with the black pieces against white’s most common openings moves. You’ll see the Queen’s Gambit, Ruy Lopez, and Guioco Piano.

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  1. Thank you so much for all your tutorials! You're my fav chessyoutuber!

  2. Still the BEST chest channel Nelson 👏👏I learned all my Chess from this channel. Love Martin, keep him on more 😂😂😂

  3. Seeing the same moves described from both perspectives was particularly helpful.

  4. 0:00 Intro0:20 Center Game Accepted, Normal Variation1:08 Ruy López Opening, Morphy Defense, Exchange Variation2:49 Giuocio Piano, Giuocio Pianissimo Variation4:07 Queen's Gambit Declined, Exchange, Positional Line6:04 Queen's Gambit Declined, Modern VariationBro Forgt The Caro Kann And The King's Indian

  5. For this beginner, it was just about perfect!

  6. As a Caro kann player, i have more win rate for black then white. (I'm just 1000 elo)

  7. "This is a great start to a game if you're black"Me, a white person: ☹️

  8. This really helps! I've playing chess for only 4 years, And I didn't know any openings. Thanks a lot!

  9. Again great video. Exactly my learning level. Not too detailed not too soft. Perfect. Go on lik this, please!

  10. 'which is a great start to the game… if you're black' doesn't sound ideal out of context.

  11. This was soooo helpful thank you!! A lot of times I’ll watch something that says “don’t do that; it’s a blunder” but they never explain whyYou’re a good teacher

  12. what about if white's queen moves to a4 and checks black's king ? in the queen's gambit.

  13. Come on ya’ll Gotham chess is just approaching chess differently. He’s doing it like a YouTuber, where as the brother is approaching these videos like a teacher! 2 different audiences. Weird that you just used your comment to say something negative

  14. thanks, you're a really good chess teacher!

  15. I'm glad I got some moves right but this helps alooooot

  16. Do you have some advice how to remember all of this? (Meaning all of the theory of chess?)

  17. Problem is they never do the exact moves your doing

  18. Pawn to d6 always sounds like a rhianna lyric to me lol

  19. What is the black opening called? Is there a name for this opening?

  20. I like this video because I'm not a complete beginner but, as a teacher myself, I wonder how it works for people who are actually complete beginners. He assumes that you are familiar with a lot of concepts that he might not have explained before: coordinates, pressure (he uses this one all the time), trading, queenside, chess lines, transpositions, pins, doubled pawns, controlling squares, connected rooks, good and bad squares, gambit. I haven't actually watched all the previous videos in this playlist, but judging from the titles it doesn't look likely that he has explained these concepts in those videos.

  21. Plz say the names of the openings , I really enjoy you other vids I’ve seen

  22. Thanks for this lesson, very easy to follow but still informative.

  23. Thanks for this lesson. I've been very interested lastly in learning how to play black, because I feel its a more difficult side to play vs playing white. So, I've been learning how to play with black very heavily lately as I really enjoy playing black over white.

  24. Thanks, great to see the scenarios run through with such clarity

  25. Interesting lines for the QG! I don't encounter it so often and always wonder what the best solution is for me, at a beginner level. I'll try this next time and see how it goes. I nooticed you play the Scandi in other videos, I'm curious what was the reason that made you ignore it for this black opening video?

  26. is the king's indian good for beginners?

  27. At 1:35 you made the A6 move, but why? The pawn doesn't seem to do anything except threaten a bishop that looked like it was going to move anyway. Did I miss something?

  28. Way better than GothamChess. Don't know how you managed to hide for so long. I like it that you explain or provide reasoning behind each move. Keep up the good work!

  29. Great video, thanks Nelson! I found it very helpful to “think ahead” and set up traps

  30. Once again another great video. Of course I learnt something I always learn something on this channel- ALWAYS!!!

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