3 Beginner Chess Openings You Can Play With Black!

In this video I teach beginners how to start out the game with the black pieces against white’s most common openings moves. You’ll see the Queen’s Gambit, Ruy Lopez, and Guioco Piano.

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  1. Jesus loves you all and accepting him into your lives as your Lord and Savior will get you to heaven. Jesus loves you all.

  2. Insightful, well spoken, lovely knowledge! 🎉 bless 😊

  3. Every video of yours has taught me something new. Thanks!

  4. Question about 2:07 –Is it really worth sacrificing Queen for Queen so close to the beginning of the game????

  5. Thank you for your beginner videos! I feel like you explain things in a truly beginner friendly way that is paced well enough that I can actually keep up.

  6. I just found your videos. I find them exactly what I need to help me grow my chess game. Thanks for the great teaching method and the instructions. Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

  7. Your channel is amazing, you explain so well and clear in a short time. Most people don't have more than a few minutes to watch a video and it's great when it's quality content!

  8. thank you thank you!! believe it or not ive been reading chess books and watching other channels as well as playing and still its so hard to visualise and remember patterns. you explaining it slowly and clearly has helped me piece so many things together.

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