4 MOVE CHECKMATE: Best Chess Trap for Beginners (Wayward Queen)

Make sure you know this so you don’t get checkmated in 4 moves.
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  1. Nf6 is gonna end this man's while career

  2. Imagine beating magnus with this

  3. It all goes as planned but he puts the knight on the other side and takes my queen

  4. It all goes as planned but he puts the knight on the other side and takes my queen

  5. as someone who still falls for this i never lost to it i just start with like -20

  6. This trick is pretty good against people who are new to chess or don't know much chess tricks
    I can easily mate my friends as they don't know chess, but if played against someone who knows chess, then this is pretty useless

  7. Bro. That will work for about 1 game against someone who has never played before and it still might not work

  8. BEST defense is to move your queen to E7. Did I call that right? xD

    I’m new to chess.

  9. My best way to counter the scholar's mate is to simply put knight in the H file

  10. Wait so the king cannot attack the queen? I thought that would be just check since I thought the king could attack the queen

  11. I see this trick attempted like every 3rd game I play, this or the knight and bishop lining up go for the rook and if you take with the queen you lose it, I’ve been trying new openings but when you play gambits like this you force me to play a specific way and its so annoying

  12. This opening is so bad. All it takes is one night to move in and you spend the next 3 moves retreating your queen. Opportunity cost- developing your pieces

  13. Bad Tip, you teach them too loose the game. This is not a method, not even a trick, its just a Queen too early out.

  14. It makes me so mad when I know that my opponent is trying to scholars mate and even though I understand the mechanics that they still refuse to give up on the scholars mate, and treat me like an equal. And what makes it even worse is that they often succeed in some various form of a scholar’s mate

  15. Some dude tried playing this on me today and when I defended the pawn with my knight he still took the pawn with his queen 😂

  16. Knight to F6 maybe become a less probable move since he already saw you coming, if he use pawn to counter queen then its a retreat and you get to clean this mess

  17. You will attack the queen with pawn , after protecting our c5 pawn

  18. I hate this so much , it literally never works and EVERYONE tries this EVERY SINGLE TIME, after that they fail they just kinda give up….

  19. Can literally just play the other knight first and the queens under pressure bishop can’t move unless they blunder somehow

  20. Put ur knight on h6 and it's all over for the wayward attackers..

  21. I’m taking all of your pieces if you try this on me

  22. If they don’t respond with te knight and respond with the pon the queen should go to queen f3 also threatened mate

  23. Im always 100-150 bc im dumb but even my opponents dont fall for this i just tried it 30 times

  24. bro I've tried this once but they play kh6 when i move the queen

  25. Everyone gangsta until you take when they play bishop c5

  26. When i try this my opponent just takes the queen with the king

  27. broo this actually works i did it first try

  28. It got patched my opponent didnt play it

  29. Bro forgot to mention that this only works if your opponent is 300 elo

  30. Qh5 is a TERRIBLE move. GM's/IM's hate it, Stockfish hates it, and 9 times out of 10 it results in you losing your queen with next to no development to show for it, while your opponent has extremely healthy development as a direct result of countering this absolutely abysmal book. The other 1 time, though… either you mate in 5, or you get mated in 9-13. So no, no beginner should be using this book. All it does is facilitate the formation of bad habits that will hinder your Chess journey in the long run

  31. Cant the quenn be eaten by the king?

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