5 INSANE Chess Openings by Stockfish…

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0:00 Intro
0:59 Game 1
6:37 Game 2
12:40 Game 3
20:20 Game 4
26:21 Game 5 – shout out to Kingscrusher!

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  1. Stockfish will teach you a lesson, or not.

  2. So stockfish is so powerful that it allows the player to play King C2? I get it now, why cheating is taken so seriously in this community…

  3. I wanna see the queen side attack in the last one copied in a human game

  4. I'm not a 100% sure but in game one I think stockfish was saving time by moving the king. kd2 kc2 kb1 is three moves while Dd2 0-0-0 Kb1 Rc1 is four. Weird ass position but for some reason its faster to move the king if you want your rook and kind on b1 and c1

    Edit: yeah stockfish ended up going Dd2 later but to me its better to leave the queen on d1 for as long as possible if you want to rotate her over to the other side(depending on what black plays, idk tho im 1000 so i play like stockfish but at the wrong time)

  5. Hahahaha stoofvlees i dutch, but it’s actually meat for wintertime meals

  6. 12:35 "Stoofvlees" is indeed Dutch and indeed an absurd and very stupid name. It means "beef stew" …

  7. >manually castles over 4 turns
    Stockfish: Haha "tempo?" That's a funny word.

  8. I wonder if the idea of walking the king over IS BECAUSE it loses tempo and that’s actually advantageous in this position. I’ve seen some end game puzzles where you actually have to lose tempo to win, so it seems reasonable this could be true in some non-endgame situations

  9. It's because engine can evaluate the position mathematically and choose the best calculated line. Engine cannot make goofy moves because everything we saw is correct by math, that's it

  10. Stoofvlees is Dutch; it means beefstew (is that a word? LOL)

  11. where is your flower vase water holder

  12. Stockfish data had been trained by too many Hikaru's games that it followed all of his bongcloud moves 😂

  13. Levy: Stockfish is like I'm the Best thing ever existed

    AlphaZero: HOLD MY PP

  14. I like watching such videos and understanding that even with knowing it, i wouldnt end up playing something like that cuz well, im nowhere close to be able to win that "winning" position

  15. AI has just gotten bored and it's trying to spice things up now

  16. Who knows Stockfish might just making the game more intense On his own will, then say now that "theyre just an engene".

  17. Stoofvlees is a kind of meat, don't know which tho

  18. just want to make sure, are these openings created by stockfish? is it original to a certain degree?

  19. He would smoke you tho so why you talking shit?

  20. How do computers change their openings don't they have one opening that's the best

  21. Stock fish playing my openings but with brain

  22. I brought my phone with a stockfish app in a park, (not intentionally) a bunch of elders playing Chess offered me to play with them, i told them im not a strong player and just a waste of time. then it come up to my mind to play with them with a help of Stockfish (they have no idea what the heck is an engine 😀) I made the park like a circus/entertainment, they accepted the challenge and fall in lined to turn next. even cops of the park are watching because of the crowd (Clapping because of the superior moves)

  23. All the kings moves maybe if black wasn’t stock fish they have more chances to make a mistake

  24. The first four ideas were very specific ideas supported by tactics in the background. The last one was more positional. It brings a lot of doubt into black’s position if white can just absorb black’s queenside counterplay.

  25. Stoofvlees, sounds like "stove flase" means braised meat, usually braised beef.

  26. I believe the idea of the chess engine in the first game was to let the hedgehog setup happen. I think the white position needed the black position to have an extra turn before it made it's attack. I believe the white position was ready for the attack but Black's position was 1 move short from having the position white wanted it to be in hence the manual castle. I don't fully understand either but to me, that is what I'm thinking.

  27. Did he say the hedgehog setup was "Really Spikey"? XD

  28. At 3:25 to 4:11
    Count the total moves to get to this position:
    5 counting queen d2 and rock to c1
    To get to this position if you long castle:
    4 including queen to d2 first then long castle the king b1 and rock c1.

    Why would a computer "waste" that move?

  29. 11:58 couldn't Komodo just block with the rook and either play for a draw or checkmate e queen

  30. Slow castling has his perks like my position is perfect but im waiting for you to make a mistake and try to attack 1st

  31. What if the reason why the king was moved manually was to stall its movements to see how white would move?

  32. Levy – 3:38
    Beginners – "wait why is he talking about the opening still its been over for like 5 moves now"….

  33. perhaps n the first game the queen needed to be on that light squared diagonal and moving it creates an opening to be attacked at the computer level.

  34. I am just a lowly 1000 elo player but maybe not moving the queen out because it opens white up to lose tempi while black can pressure whatever square the queen moves to delaying the castle while black gets to set up their position

  35. just reminds us how insane engines are, imagine the next generation of super gms playing like this, it is obsolete

  36. I feel like its got to do with zugzwang but im pretty new to chess

  37. Any ai that has the word zero in it won stockfish in this video

  38. Bobby F is one that played king Walk to safety ?

  39. I think Stockfish had the perfect setup and the kingmoves were placeholder.

  40. It needs the moves to not force anything. I think. 😂

  41. LEVI I would just like to say some people eat the kernels

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