5 INSANE Chess Openings by Stockfish…

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0:00 Intro
0:59 Game 1
6:37 Game 2
12:40 Game 3
20:20 Game 4
26:21 Game 5 – shout out to Kingscrusher!

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  1. You know what stockfish you also say about other engines being a coward and here you go playing like one now there is a reason for this and it is that when i beat the best program and you were scratching and crawling for your 2800 that program i beat was no coward and it had to make a move and in my eyes that program is the best program so if or when or not there will be no proprietary 😮

  2. No engines care but about what goes in them my friend and it's what it does best taking my birds same thought processes but just in a different position they can run but they can't hide who the first was to fly those skies but first comes weight speed balance teaching programs is just a hobby and when reason and or cause an effect is more effective than the opening story can be well now welcome to my world welcome to my elo factor and soon I'll be the owner of the credit square company 😮

  3. Oh you want to understand well I'll have a chart in my book and who knows maybe I'll just set rocks up to as a demonstration,we'll see what happens what i,i,i,and i get there😁

  4. Stoofvlees apparently means Beef Stew

  5. I am a ICCF Grand Master, so to understand engines, you must do the following method

    You must analyse (What are the 4 best moves ?)

    Then you think what are the 4 best responses of the other side to each move ?

    Then you self analysis which position will give your oponent less activity, less playable options, then you understand the engine plays.

    If you use this technique, no kidding, you can find all engine strong moves of the opening and (simple) middlegames

    On game 1 those king moves were also complete logical, because any pawn break to try to explore the white king would result in material gain for white

  6. At 5:15, the evaluation is based on both material adv and positional adv. There is a 3-pawn material adv and a 4-pawn positional adv, the sum is 7 not 10. Levy sucks at math.

  7. Bro “king d2 king c2 king b1” is such a tongue twister he said it so fast.

  8. 3x king move is confussion for enemy smart fish 😂❤🎉

  9. They are battling by seeing ahead an unfathomable number of moves! How would it make sense?😅

  10. Are AI’s taught openings? Or just the rules? Its very strange that the openings they choose are so similar to human ones. Is chess that limited?

  11. I like to open with B4 to jump on C6 because I'm an idiot 😂

  12. They should let humans play in ai tournaments like they used to do the inverse it would be funny to watch a computer destroy magnes or hekaru as we inch closer to the robot apocalypse

  13. When we find out Levi is the AI bot.nice video gg

  14. Malcolm in the middle meme and it's AI telling Gotham "The future is now, old man."

  15. Watching this a year late, so this is where magnus found the magnus carlson gambit….

  16. Good job stockfish didn't do four king moves.

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