5 Most ANNOYING Chess Openings

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5 Chess Openings I HATE: London, Benko, Ruy Lopez, Catalan, and SemiSlav.


0:00 Intro
1:49 Opening 1 – LONDON
9:22 Opening 2 – CATALAN
15:15 Opening 3 – Ruy Lopez
20:15 Opening 4 – Benko
26:40 Opening 5 – Semislav


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  1. all these openings are annoying because there is SO MUCH THEORY around them that you need to be prepared against.

  2. Nice shirt right? Levy… DAMN right – love the shirt and your message – entertaining and informative content as always 🙂

  3. for me personally its by far the Winawer variation of the french, then the scandi and kings gambit

  4. Sadly destroying the world is much more easier than repairing.

  5. 16:16 😀 this move is such a big ass blunder but i never learned myself how to deal with it UNTILL one day i was so full of hate and i was so frustrated i ended up just hooking up stockfish on idle next to me and once some random annoying n00b just did that i just went full house and cheated the rest of the game
    And my God you cannot believe how brutally and engine can punish you for that move-its just 10-12 moves ahead were you gotta choose-lose your queen or lose a pawn or a piece !!! absolutely disgusting 😀
    but oh my God did that bring Joy to my Playing style because i memorized all of it
    and i watched over and over again-and the best move for White in a position like that is to Trade his queen
    Because he is just asking for it and if he keeps running away it just gets worse and worse till move 34 stockfish mates the n00b 😀

  6. I'm 1400 and the Wayward Queen attack is STILL utterly infuriating to play against – obviously I know the basic theory to get into the middlegame with an advantage, but the resulting positions are HORRIBLE to play – closed, awkward, and demand a lot of time to avoid blunders. My opponent naturally knows these positions far better than me (I would never play their filthy opening) and so I lose on time and rage

  7. Can you make a video about the Nimzo Indian?

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  9. Personally I really hate playing a Scandinavian opening where white pushes the pawn past instead of taking. It always ends up in a really closed position that's incredibly hard to maneuver around.

  10. I sware when I seen this video I thought of the London and sure enough it was the first one lol

  11. Sure chess is cool but cleaning plastic out of the ocean is way cooler. 👍

  12. My personal level is 2100 elo OTB and I like to play with g6,d6,Nbd7,Bg7 and later e5 against the London and I score really well against it.

  13. I live on Levy's commitment to always pronounce every name correctly

  14. E5 after E4 d5 is the most annoying and it’s not close

  15. Hey Levy,

    I appreciate your content. It's entertaining, informative, and dynamic. I watch it at different times throughout the day. My favorite thing is that you constantly put out content and that you have an authentic vibe. Good job!

  16. I hate any game that begins with either 1.b4 or 1.g4 because I try too hard to prove to my opponent that he is playing an unsound opening and usually lose. Oftentimes, players who play these openings know them pretty well and they've seen just about every attempt on Black's part whereas Black is usually just shooting from the hip.

  17. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, And a light unto my path.

    Psalm 119:105 KJV

  18. Against d4, go the classical old Benoni. Extremely imbalanced opening. Slow for black, but very very dynamic.

    You win or you lose, but there is no draw.

  19. where can I find the 50 moves of theory?

  20. The opening I find most annoying is the French Defence. I always play the Exchange French out of spite. I know it's not great for white, but it's not what black is hoping for and it's just a depressingly boring game all round.

    And then I play another game and hope I get a more fun opening.

  21. Ruy Lopez exchange has me winning after months of mediocrity at intermediate, I don't mind it all especially as white.

  22. I HATE the London so much. I like volatile postions , the londs to slow for my liking

  23. The hardest part about playing the London is waking up before you run out of time

  24. The reason why I love the Ruy Lopez is because when I started playing I fell for a bunch of traps in my "metagame" and the Ruy Lopez opening pretty much ruined all of them so I didn't "study" the Ruy Lopez, it kinda chose me. As a black player I often play the Traxler so it's not like I chose it, I just got hit with the Fried Liver out of the Italian so much I wanted to not prevent it, but counter it.

    I suppose there's a few reasons to learn openings, you might just like them, maybe your favorite player plays them, maybe your teacher says it's good or same case as me, it just demolishes your peers. Hope it makes sense and offers some insight as why people pick their openings, Levi.

  25. Thoughts on playing the Semi-Slav with Black against 1.d4 at 1200? I play the Caro vs 1.e4

  26. It's sooo annoying when the queen is aggressive

  27. The five openings I hate seeing the most are the London, the Four Knights, the French, the Hyperaccelerated Dragon and Torre Attack/Trompowsky

  28. I said to myself i would quit chess cuz i used to be 1300 now im 1166, but here I am!

  29. The semiSlav has given me my best chances over the years so it must be a real pain

  30. Top 5:
    5 Slav Defense
    4 Trompowsky Attack
    3 Alapin Sicilian
    2 London Sytem
    1 French Defense

  31. just to know the cataln is officially d4 nf6 c4 e6 and g3

  32. I love how there are so many complicated openings but, as white, I will nearly only play the scotch

  33. I cant quite put my finger on it by Levy is like…the least "youtube persona" i've seen him ever be in this video.

    I only notice because its missing. Anyone else catch that?

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