6 Proven Tips to PUNISH Early Queen Attacks | Chess Opening Strategies, Traps, Tactics & Ideas

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In this video, we’ll learn 6 practical tips & a simple step-by-step method to punish early queen attacks in chess. We’ll look at some common opening tricks & traps like the Scholar’s mate, wayward queen attack etc. These strategies & concepts will be pretty useful for beginners & even experienced chess players to outsmart their opponents. We’ll cover ideas for both white and black openings. Throughout the lesson, we’ll explore practical games and examples on how to respond with smart moves that neutralize your opponent’s aggressive tactics. We also have some interesting puzzles & problems in between, let’s see if you can solve those!

Video Chapters:
0:00 Punish Early Queen Attacks
0:22 Tip #1: Common Traps
0:55 Tip #2: Attack with Tempo
1:46 Tip #3: Don’t get intimidated
2:31 Tip #4: Evaluate queen threats
3:21 Tip #5: Counter-attack in the center
4:04 Find Mate in 2
4:19 Tip #6: Sacrifice pawns to gain activity
5:04 About BetterHelp
6:09 Practical Examples – Game Scenario
8:12 Chess Puzzle – Can You Solve it?

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  1. Knight to d4 bishop sacrifice queen to d6 queen ×f1

  2. Mate in three at 8:20 Nd4+ Kxf2 Qf6 if Kxe3 then Qf4# or Ke1 then Qxf1#

  3. What if Opponent starts his first move by knight?

  4. For 3 move check mate..
    Black moves .. 1.Ne4+, K×Bf2
    2. Qf6+, K×Ne3
    3. Rg3+ is a mate!

  5. Lol this is great !!!!!! Thank you very much !!!! I would get destroyed by the queen sometimes. This help me stay calm.

  6. Sir please make a video on caro kann defence

  7. 8:20 …. solution
    1.Knight d3
    White king take bishop F2 (forced)
    2.Rook f6
    King moves e1 (forced)
    3.Rook F1

  8. I found a mate in 2 solution :
    Move knight from C6 to D4, then his only option is to take your bishop with his king. But you move your queen to G4 and it's game over!

  9. Chess puzzle mate in 3:hints attack with white knight sacrifice the bishop attack with queen sacrifice the black knight and attack with ROOK!!! and is check mate

  10. good video i learned a lot from this channel about chess

  11. GothamChess < Chess Talk. This channel is so underrated.

  12. 2:17 you can't push him back because most of the players take the night instead of going back, suggest tips on that plz

  13. Nf3+ only legal move for white is Kf1 then Bh3# is a checkmate

  14. First we will move our knight to f3 then it is a check then the king has only one move that is king to f1 then we simply checkmate him with our bishop by moving it to h3

  15. @ChessTalk can u send me the theme of this in lichess how do I do that?

  16. Mate in three:Nd4+ king is forced to take the bishop then Qh4+ if pawn blocks Qxg3 is mate and if Kxe3 again Qg3 is mate

  17. What if that players are watching the video 😅 I am also one of them

  18. Jeetendra doesn't make videos for views; he wants his audience to improve.

  19. Nc3+,Kc1 is forced, Ba3# results in a checkmate

  20. You taught me so much from the starting and I have became so Good that I can beat my friend in 3 moves , they were like " when did you learn to beat me in under ten moves "

  21. On aimchess , I was black. After 1.e4 e5 white plays 2 . Qg4 I attacked the queen by 2… Nf6 and I lost.

  22. Tip 1 : if you do knight h6 you can kill the queen if it tries a scholars mate

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