7 MOST COMMON Chess Mistakes

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You are making these 7 mistakes if you are a beginner or intermediate player. Fix it now!
0:00 Intro
0:42 Mistake 1: Trading
6:42 Mistake 2: Fake Training
10:21 Mistake 3: One-Movers
17:41 Mistake 4: Same Errors
22:19 Mistake 5: Time Management
29:27 Mistake 6: Selfish Brain

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  1. 17:05 that happened to me recently and i got checkmate immediately 😢

  2. he is the best coach when it comes to chess i dont get why he gets hate
    and the last mistake really motivate me <3

  3. So I'm super new but can someone explain why during his selfish brain example, why he "can't" take that knight, but then moves that pawn anyway opening up a check when he wasn't ever really threatened.. the queen at A4 doesnt really threatened anything doesn't?

  4. Im a beginner and dont really know any theory or opening moves. I understand studying would help to see those patterns. I just like playing the game and seeing how it progresses and learning from my mistakes. Is it better to just memorize theory and openings or to try to build the logic behind what happens in the games you play? I guess knowing all the openings would be helpful for winning, but i guess i enjoy thinking more about novelty? Ive inadvertently done a lot of these different defenses and attacks, and it seems more fun then memorizing a database? Do you think that is a bad habit to improving skill in chess or would you mix both?

  5. You made me actually to try to play after a long time with your vids. I tried against AI, got some lower difficulty, made some mistakes that would be punished by a good player but not obvious (I looked at analysis afterwards) starting with move 3. The AI didn't punish that and did some bad mistakes, I though the level would be higher so I was overthinking them leading here – time management mistake. I started decimating it but running uncomfortably short on time and getting into some moves for moves worsening my position a bit. Still I had a huge advantage and managed to break the defences preparing a final attack, not in an ideal way but not that bad. And… you guess it… made it a stalemate.

  6. 30:13 This is the most accurate sentence I've heard in chess 😂😂

  7. I don't want to watch a 30min vid💀💀

  8. I laughed through the entire video!! thanks Gotham…

  9. So now you're making me feel guilty for not finishing that Scotch course. Sounds legit…

  10. 28:12 "Find the fastest way to eat everything" got me dead 🤣

  11. 3:39.3-3:48 is a big blunder.Fork cn be made to king and tha rooooooooookkkkkkkkkkk

  12. Ok I’m gonna mail Levy a bill for therapy, because he needed to get some of this off his chest

  13. I’m more inspired than ever to finish watching my college board videos 10:16

  14. I don't to say this but you shout too much

  15. As a 1050 I completely fell for the knight one mover…

  16. where can i get this batman staute in the background? 🙂

  17. thank you very much, this video helped me a lot, right after I checked it out I tried using it and I defeated 5 people in a row, I also checked out some of your other videos and they helped too

  18. pretty good presentation boy – i'll shall return

  19. This video made me lots confidence that iam not gonna lose the game 💯

  20. Your advice for tip #7 is underrated. I needed that. Thanks!

  21. Tilt hit me diffrently 😶bro i'm not gonna do that mistake

  22. The whole Vedio idea is about the explanation of how ns and why you don't understand chess!!

  23. startet playing chess 2 days ago. against a skilled friend (in my eyes) lost all 14 matches. started watching your videos now i actually won 🙂

  24. Time control chess is fake chess. Nobody who manages to outplay their opponent despite knowing less theory should lose on time

  25. As a 400 elo. I feel like hes mad at me. lmao
    Like im being disciplined by my uncle

  26. Total beginner here. These are awesome points. Thanks so much. subbed.

  27. This vid is kinda toxic cuz how loud levy is yelling

  28. Terrible video. Seriously, what is this. This is just bad. I lost 80 elo. I had a point where I lost 150 elo in one day. You know how big of a loss is that?
    What do you mean by “long term improvement” when your elo crashes so far down. I went from 780 to 710 620-450 I am currently at 700 now. Horrible advice you’d be lucky to be over 1000.

  29. This person forced me to subscribe 🫡🫡🫡

  30. I haven't laughed and cried 7 times in a row everrrr in my life.

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