800 Elo Chess Is AMAZING…

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Absolutely wild 800 elo chess

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  1. why don't you line the rook up with b7 then Qxb7# ?

  2. I was originally like 1.6k elo when I 1st started and it kept rising until I started resigning from forks and stuff like that 😭😭😭

  3. i started chess 4 months ago and finally reached 800

  4. I don't think I've ever seen Levy being such in a good mood

  5. Man I'm 800 and I have 0 blunders. I'm just too idiot to get more elo

  6. I could sense the pride he had for white. Nice to see

  7. Chess when played perfectly is always a draw!!!😂😂😂

  8. can confirm im 850 and that is exactly how my games go

  9. Q a5 would have neutralized qa2 and attacked the a7 square

  10. Hi levy thank you for getting me from grandmaster to masterbaiter

  11. 15:08 Cant he rb1 and if queen takes slide the other rook and qb7 checkmate ? I am 500 btw ?

  12. Being at 800 is so wild lmao. Glad I'm finally 850 ❤

  13. dang your 26? ngl you look alot younger than you are

  14. All the videos are entertaining, but this one was actually also very instructive for me. Thanks!

  15. I'm actually 700 rated (I'm new to chess) and I have literally never had an opponent like this with these moves, this is kinda surprising

  16. Can Some tell me at 19:06 what if i go queen to e5 then rook takes the queen and then i take the rook and go to rook to d8 !!! i think it is checkmate , what do u guys think??

  17. Levy Rodman I’m a teenager, and a chess enthusiast. At night I look forward to watching ur video you make the end of my night. I really want to meat u someday in union square park

  18. 😀 😀 brilliant 😀 .. reminds of me playing 😀 😀

  19. Thank You Levy for getting me from a low elo player to 1660 🤓👑

  20. It’s funny how when you watch this game you think, these dudes cannot be 800 😂 but when you’re actually playing you constantly get smoked off like 700’s 🫠. Chess is a crazy game.

  21. In 9:24 isnt queen a5 mate? Cuz after he blocks with pawns its checkmate

  22. at 3.00, would it be bed move to play knight to c5, tryig to attack the queen?

  23. I plan to rest a bit watching YT instead of 10min chess aaaaaaaaand it's gone ….

  24. Umm what to do when bad at chess to be less bad? I'd love to make it up to 800 ELO

  25. I'm between 700-800, but, I never did more than 2 blunders in a game(except bullet:))

  26. My rating is 882 but never played that dumb 💀.. Thanks levy by seeing your video I am completely brainwashed I am 300 elo now 👍

  27. I was up at 1000-1100 when i first started to play chess again. But somehow i actually managed to get worse. Like how is it possible? I managed to get all the way down to 900 and I've been stuck there for a long time. I don't know how you know It's like sometimes i play really good. But sometimes I play terrible. I might be the most inconsistent chess player of all time.

  28. Levy how can I submit my games as potential content? I think it’d be funny as I always end up totally gaining advantage but throwing it all away with one blunder 😭

  29. When I started watching you about 6 months ago I was at a 550 ELO. Today I reached over 1100. Thank you Levy!

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