A King’s Indian Defense Lesson from Hikaru

Hikaru Gives a King’s Indian Defense Lesson















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  1. Hey hikaru you should change the title of "How Hikaru Play King's Indian Defense"

  2. More videos like these!! Thank you Grand Master Hikaru

  3. Hikaru is probably the most dangerous player with the King's Indian

  4. Who can better explain Kings Indian defence than the best modern opening player in the world.

  5. I love Hikaru doing videos like this, he should do some more

  6. Thank you so much Mr Nakamura I am now much more prepared to go up against someone playing the fianchetto kings Indian in 1997 or 1998 than I would have been other wise

  7. HOW?! How does he remember the exact sequence of moves from some random game in Trinidad and Tobago (!!) 20 years ago?!

  8. Way to fast and not deep enough. But hey, cant complain. At least u do a teaching video.

  9. Prep back in the day: "if our opponent plays this move, we can trade here and win a pawn, otherwise we'll have to play this move"

    Prep now: "the computer says to sack the queen for optimal piece activity"

  10. Black bishop at f5 would be a great move ig

  11. 1997, wasn't Hikaru like 10 years old back then?😂

  12. Why does Hikaru always look like he just finished swallowing or eating or something😂

  13. hikaru can i request on how you face against the Italian game as black. cause i always lose when i am black and face against the Italian opening.

  14. guys can you explain what is the point to trade black bishop vs white knight at 01:51 ?

  15. Bruh i cant see the pieces because of the subtitles

  16. Hello, thanks for the tutorial, maybe you could do other slow (more slover :))tutoril with black… For example I like the speed of teaching pokimane. For me it is very helpful I believe that it can help more people. THX for ur content:)

  17. Yoooo trinidad and tobago lezzzz gooooooo 💙

  18. Hello GM Hikaru. I am a big supporter and I am so excited you are going to be fighting it out in the Candidates Tournament. My constructive criticism is that you go through the lines way too fast and skip over some of the transitions. This makes your absolutely amazing teaching difficult to study.

  19. If Chucky was talking he would come up with at least dozen of games and positions from the top of his head instantly. Naka is very vague and brief compared to what you get from Chucky.

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  21. I can confirm that game in 1998 was against me.

  22. I want to go back to the 90's lol. Good video 🙂

  23. Dude slow down. We're not SGM 3500 ELO chess supercomputers. lol

  24. Me: "Did I eat breakfast this morning?!"
    Grandpa Hikaru: "The year was 1998. It was a beautiful Tuesday evening, as I prepared for the 413th tournament in my career…"

  25. Hi Hikaru, I just started learning chess and bought GingerGM's book on Black Lion. Do you think this is worth learning or should I focus on other things? I'm currently finishing up Bobby Fisher Teaches Chess, 1st section of Silmans Endgame book, and the Tao of Chess

  26. Hikaru, you’re the only one who pronounces ‘fianchetto’ correctly.😂👌👌

  27. 35-40 more watches and I’ll have this down.

  28. Hikaru, please make more Kings Indian vids, I actually watched Teimoir Radjabov games playing Kings Indian, he's definitely very good but after seeing most of your game plays on Kings Indian, I wanted your lessons soooo much more coz of the way you played, it was just brilliant

  29. Me watching this 3 days before a tournament : So… I'll just use Wayward Queen

  30. In 1998 Hikaru was competing at 10 years old. WILD

  31. Me: How do you play the KID?
    Levy: So let's say you're using the London system…

  32. I was 8 months old, that day. Now I am learning that defence!!

  33. The main thing I’ve learned here is that chess has given Hikaru a lot of opportunities to travel.

  34. Hikaru remembers the date time location and round from ‘98. Smh. Impressive

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