A SIMPLE System To Beat The English Opening

This is a surprising response as black to the English Opening that will surprise your opponents.

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  1. I was over thinking lol, I saw Nc2 tactic but missed the simple c6 queen trap

  2. Not good system after bishop takes c3 I play c5 if you take you Lose castling rights if not you have a permanent weakness on d6

  3. Easy to remember, pretty trashy tho

  4. I played this system in a low level game and it was torture for me. Just not my play style i guess

  5. I have been looking for a system against this for a long time, I finally found it! but just one thing, at 8:37 what if white goes d6?

  6. I think early instead of white going Bg2, they push the doubled pawn to c5 you run into a major annoyance. If you take it with your pawn they can queen trade and you lose your castle and have a massive open center and no developed pieces. if you dont take it, they take yours instead, and if you retake with your pawn you now have a backwards pawn that is pretty weak in the center, and you are behind in development, they have undoubled their pawn so you traded your bishop for their knight with no major gain. If you retake with the queen instead they just queen trade and everything about what i just said is true but you have escalated to the end game with an open game, a worse pawn structure, less development, and your opponent having the bishop pair. In any of these variations, white's black bishop finds a nice home on a3 pointing at the pawn only your queen defends unless you dedicate a knight to it with a few clumsy maneuvering moves – and they can just bring their own knights to attack it too.

  7. I'm an 1150 rated player who has been beat by the English too many times. I found this video super instructional in a very clear way. Thanks a lot.

  8. When is white going to play dxc3 and not bxc3 on move 4? Come on.

  9. Can you play c5 before Kc6?… to prevent any of whites pawn on C to move

  10. Thx now i know how to destroy english opening just to see that my friend are no longer using this opening

  11. 5:56 I never would have seen your move. I was thinking Nf3. Shows you how good I am at this game.

  12. Give yourself a path to d4 and it atleast usually stops the Botvinnik. Which is awful to play against.

  13. I typically play g3 and not Nc3 as my second move, and he admitted that his system wasn't effective against that move order.

  14. When bishop takes knight in the very beginning, why would white recapture with the king's pawn? All intuition and chess sense says to take with the g-pawn and keep pawns in the center.

  15. 2.Nd5 its not uncommon or "tricky" . Its common, main move!

  16. Chess Analysis 64 ΨͺΨ­Ω„ΩŠΩ„ Ψ§Ω„Ψ΄Ψ·Ψ±Ω†Ψ¬ Ω¦Ω€ says:

    Thanks, Cool and Interesting !!!!!!!!

  17. Thanks for the tips! I used the strategy outlined in this video to beat a player rated 250 points better than me. It very obviously took them out of their comfort zone and forced a mistake which allowed me to attack and get a resignation in just 22 moves. I will definitely use this strategy again against this opening!

  18. Thank you so much! I will immediately start playing this opening! I didn't know what to do against the english for a long time, it seems like what you do is a reverse rossolimo. You are one of my favourite chess youtubers πŸ™‚

  19. 3. Nd5 is literally the most common response to 2… Bb4 in the masters database. The line you recommend is +1.5 for white. As long as white knows the next move 7. Qa4, they score much better than black. On the Lichess database this final position scores 50W/11D/39B, which is significantly worse than blacks average against 1. c4 on Lichess, 51W/4D/45B.

  20. Thank you! I have been losing to a friend's use of the English opening consistently for the last year! Today I won and he bought me lunch!

  21. Watched this last night and got an english player just now and literally forgot the lines 4 moves in and i got crushedπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  22. this advice is so strikingly amateur it’s just silly. where did you get this idea that good chess players are predictable EVER?any top 70th percentile player on any app or chess site will avoid advertising that they play systematically dude. good grief

  23. I have a question though. In the variation where Nd5 is played, and I get to the point where I play Nf3, what if the opponent plays Ba3? What should I do then?

  24. Thanks a lot for making this video! Just lost a game cuz I spent too much time in the opening trying to figure out the best way to react to the English. Had a very good endgame (2 pawns up) but panicked in time trouble at the end….
    Now that I know this, hopefully I won't spend so much time in the opening.

  25. 3.g3 is an error. I believe the correct move is 3.e4 after, then 3…Bxc3 4.dxc3

  26. The simplest way to beat the english is the symmetrical english

  27. Why would your opponent capture back the bishop with his D pawn? My opponent did the more obvious (to me, but I'm not a master) B pawn takes. And then he was able to go e3 and d4 to trade off my central pawn before i could even make the whole pawn chain. And if i captured back with the d pawn, he can trade queens and disallow me from castling. any advice for that situation?

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