Aggressive Chess Opening for White After 1.e4 | Deadly Gambit

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you an aggressive chess opening for White. It is an aggressive gambit from the Caro-Kann Defense, called the Milner–Barry Gambit or the Rasa-Studier Gambit, which happens after the opening moves: 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 dxe4 4.f3.

White sacrifices a pawn for quick development and a sharp attack. This gambit is similar to the Blackmar–Diemer Gambit, which follows the move order: 1.d4 d5 2.e4 dxe4. In almost all of the lines, White is having a better position, ahead in development, and has a great attack going.

Watch the video lesson as GM Igor Smirnov also shares some nasty traps and pitfalls that your opponents may fall into.

► Chapters

00:00 Aggressive Chess Openings
00:58 Caro-Kann Defense, Classical Variation
02:28 General idea for White in this gambit
03:40 Line-1: If Black plays Nf6
04:52 Line-2: If Black plays immediate Bg4
08:23 If Black plays Bxf3 instead of Bh5
12:19 Line-3: If Black plays e6, closing the position
14:43 Deadly kingside attack for the win
15:44 Puzzle of the day: Can you find the win?

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  1. PUZZLE: 1….Nxe4 and because of the threats of Checkmate, you're gonna win that Bishop on g5.

  2. …Nxe4; BxQd8, Bf2# (pinned knight leading to queen sacrifice ending in knight + both bishops combination checkmate)

  3. … Ne4 wins the g5 B, as B is also threatening Bf2 Mate!

  4. At 3:60 you overlook Ne6 as the move that immediately wins, either by taking the bisschop on g4 or giving checkmate on f7 with the bisschop from c4.

  5. No me permite entrar a la página y no puedo ver el PGN

  6. In other places I have seen 4 Bc4 first, then 4 … Nf6 5 f3.

  7. I like to play this against the Scandinavian.

  8. As Caro-Kann player, i play Nf6, Bf5 and white is just one pawn less in standard Caro-Kann position.

  9. Great vids. You make it easy to understand and encourage to play it.

  10. I love this gambit :p

    Spoiler: 15:55

    Nxe4, Bxd8? Bf2++, or
    Nxe4, Qxe4? Qd1++, or
    Nxe4, Be3 Bxe3 – +

  11. Nice puzzle! After Nxe4 white will be mated next move either by B-f2# or if QxN then Q-d1#.

  12. Black's best choice on encountering this gambit might be to decline it and transpose into the Fantasy Variation. Which still could turn out OK for White, mind you.

  13. my favorite chess channel just straight tactics and no fluff.

  14. Great Video Igor 😊. However at 10:38 i think Bg5 is a killer move either black should sac his queen otherwise Rd8 is checkmate

  15. I think the best move in the puzzle is nxe4. If he plays bxqd1 then bf2#. So the only move he has is qxne4 and then we play qxbg5 and he can't play qxb7 cuz if he does we have qc1#

  16. nxe4, opponent will not be able to resist taking the queen with bxd1
    However, if qxe4, qd1#

  17. At 15:51 black should play 1….Nxe4. Only white response which won't lose on the spot is 2.Be2 (I don't see anything else), where I think best move is 2….Qxg5. If white recapture the piece with 3.Qxe4 then 3…Qc1+ leads to big material losses for white.

  18. If, after 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 dxe4 4. f3 exf3 5. Nf3 Bg4, if instead of, 6. Bxf7+, which wins a pawn, with a winning position, white can also try the trappy 6. Ne5?! , as 6…e6 7. N×g4, or 6…Bxd1 7B×f7+ mate!, and if 6…Bh5, 7Qxh5! winning the piece (if 7…Nxh5, 8Bxf7+Mate!). So, this leaves only 6…Be6, 7. Qxe6 Bxe6 and Black can fight on for a while longer in a losing position, slightly better than what s/he gets after 6. Bxf7+ !

  19. Puzzle: 1. Nxe4. If 1…Bxd8 then 2. Bf2#, if 1…Qxe4, then 2. Qd1#

  20. Why is the website with all of your courses not working right now?

  21. affter Bishop to g4 you can move Knight to e5 if bishop to d1- takes queen you have mate in one bishop to f7 (time of video 4:00)

  22. This end game it's always my weaknes. I got to the position I need and never remember how to check mate 😜

  23. WOW, did you see that?
    The Cat moved 😍

  24. At 5:08 I'd still move the bishop to C4. If black capture knight, you recapture with tempo…

  25. Do you offer any kind of full pay course on this topic.I would be really interested on studying deeply

  26. Puzzle: Nxe4 queen sac wins!
    1. If Bxd8, then Bf2#.
    2. If Qxe4, then it got deflected from defending the d1 square and hence Qd1#.
    3. And if Be2, then Qxg5 Qxe5 Qc1+ Bd1 Qxd1#

  27. The puzzle is Nxe4, if Bxd8 then Bf2#, if on move 2 Qxe4 then qd1# is mate. Reminiscent of a famous game by Morphy at the opera house where the forcing moves will eventually lead to the back rank checkmate

  28. After white pawn to f3, my opponent played bishop to f5. I don’t feel as though I have an advantage at the moment.

  29. Playing chess is entirely unethical: trying to humiliate opponents. Much so like in any sport! 😀

  30. at 10:36, there is a winning move, Bg5, which hits the queen and threatens Rd8 checkmate

  31. Cat is the Best 😅🐈‍⬛😀

  32. At 04:08 why can´t you just move the knight to e5 and if the black bishop takes the queen, checkmate with bishop x f7? Still, great video! Watched a lot of your vids and they helped to improve my chess a lot.

  33. Night e4…White trade the night than mate with black queen… and white trade the queen thand black dark bishop chek mate…

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