Basic Opening Chess Trap | The French Defence Disco!

The 8-year-old ventures into the world of French Defence. After a couple of losses he decides to learn from his opponents and plays 1.e4 with White. When his opponent plays the French, he is very happy! He sets the same trap and it seems as if the opponent has fallen into it. But there is a twist in the tail! Check out this exciting dose of Basic Opening Chess Trap by IM Sagar Shah.


  1. This boy's 8th year must have been the longest year in his life ..bcz of his so many losses😁

  2. ദുരന്തം 8 yr old boy malayali common

  3. You should make a movie with this 8 year old kid.. like an answer to the Queens Gambit. Only Aamir khan should be considered for the 8 yr old's role. ( Aamir might actually pull it off )


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  5. I always think how sagar remembers all games

  6. Why do I always feel that Sagar himself is that 8 year old boy? 😂

  7. U are legend.
    Beautiful story.
    Heads off to u.

  8. 1:00 a full pawn lol in exchange for a queen. (i wouldnt have got this lol!)

  9. er det ikke på tide at vores 8 årige helt bliver 9 år 🙂

  10. 4:16 how is it a gambit if you have to lose your queen to take that pawn?

  11. Maybe mix it up with boy asking mom. Or girl asking mom. May be subtle but good to encourage and set examples of women playing chess as I am sure Amruta will agree too.

  12. this boy had a really depressing childhood 😂❤️ love you sagar sir thank you for the videos ❤️

  13. Plot twist : Sagar Shah switched the 8 year old boy with the opponents to tell this story.

  14. Moral of the story : The 8 yr old Boy is the most unlucky chess player in existence

  15. 0:57 He has won a "full Pawn " . Bro, what is full pawn ? 😀

  16. U r a legend…and wish ur kid will surely beat magnus one day, take love🤗❤

  17. After exchange his pawn with pawn why didn't he take pawn with knight after that bishop come for pushing the knight

  18. If my opponent plays Nc6 before Qb6, I play Be3

  19. Thank you for the lesson. Very nice presentation for me to easily remember.

  20. Poor boy lost 100 elo after his French prep.

  21. You dont teach anything you just show what the “8 year old boy does”

  22. Moral: everyone in this world is a 8 year old boy.

  23. 8 year old boy be like… Yehh sare milke humko pagal bana rahe hein🤣🤣🤣

  24. 8 year old getting frustrated over life, as the supreme leader once said, "life is unfair"

  25. Moral of the story: Papa ki mat suno, apni games analyze kare bina khelte rahoge to yahi hoga.

  26. Why is this kid still 8 year old?😂😂😂

  27. Moral of the story, the boy is always a loser😂😂😂😂

  28. Bro that's not a 8 year old boy it's me 18 year old…and still doing this😕😂

  29. This is the game we are playing in the world our whole life , chess.

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