Basic Opening Chess Trap | The French Defence Disco!

The 8-year-old ventures into the world of French Defence. After a couple of losses he decides to learn from his opponents and plays 1.e4 with White. When his opponent plays the French, he is very happy! He sets the same trap and it seems as if the opponent has fallen into it. But there is a twist in the tail! Check out this exciting dose of Basic Opening Chess Trap by IM Sagar Shah.


  1. I just love this series as a lover and learner of chess❤️❤️

  2. Sagar sir the best the sweetest ✌️❤️❤️

  3. So sweet of this 8 year old boy series…I feel like I am that boy who is loosing but learning and waiting for his winning days to come.

  4. I feel bad for this 8 year old boy , today i finally thought that he would win but he lost today also , atleast let him win once sagar c'mon

  5. 8 year old boy : Wo raat apun 2 baje tak piya

  6. Aree bhai bhai bhai
    In anish's voice😅😂

  7. No eight yr old boy were harmed during the making of this video

  8. It's just me or the thumbnail looks like guddu bhaiya 😅

  9. Last combination was epic ! When will be the time for 8 year old boy . Waiting for him to win ❤️

  10. Moral of the story: 8 year old boy is a loser🤣🤣

  11. moral of the story:
    the 8 year old boy had to learn a lot in chess
    me thinking, then we all are the blueprints of the 8yr old boy, i.e. noobs 😂

  12. I LOVE THIS SERIES 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  13. Moral of the Story: The kid hanged himself

  14. 5:32 the kid be like :- oh bhai maro mujhe maro 🤣
    BTW thanks you for teaching us these amazing tips and tricks ❤️

  15. Moral of the story don’t listen to your dad about chess

  16. We all owe to the 8 year old boy
    Agar woh 1 mistake ke baad resign nahi karta toh hum sikh nahi pate hum toh besharam ki tarah doland trump award hi miljayega aisa soch ke khelte hai😁😁

  17. this is why you dont play with players rated higher than you

  18. Now, I really feel bad for the 8-yo boy ❤️

  19. Well that's one way to educate people about chess along with humour😁😁

  20. I bet 100 dollars, his kid is skipping the 8th year.

  21. Moral of the story for me is dont play the french

  22. Q. Prepare a story from the following points

    Chess game…8 – 9 years old boy…lost…shocked…father's guidance…next day…again lost…depressing…


  23. Petition to do an episode on evolution of the 8 year old kid!

  24. Let the 8year old age Sagar bhai. His small brain is filled with knowledge. Let him grow

  25. Sagar sir can you make a playlist of the puzzles that you uploaded 2 or 3 years ago

  26. Does this 8 year boy attend online classes or he only plays chess???

  27. KSM –> KSB :: Sagar Shah –> 8-year old boy 😂 HmmMmmmm ! 😜

  28. Bache pe thoda rehem karo kabhi to jitao bichare ko 😔

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