Beating Everyone with the Same Opening Trap (Stafford Gambit)

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This video features 3 games (played in the same day) in which the white side falls victim to the same simple and devious opening trap in the Stafford Gambit. The trap involves a “fishing pole” idea with an early h5 and Ng4. While the Stafford Gambit is not necessarily a sound opening, it is highly venomous. If white is not prepared, then it can be easy for black to win quite quickly!
Game 1: vs janeza12 (2128)
Game 2 vs FM Stefan005 (2335):
Game 3 vs Twitch Chat:

Big thanks to Andrew Yatzkan who coded the “Chess vs Twitch Chat” bot seen at 1:40
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  1. Looks like staged to me, there is no way your opponent is that stupid.

  2. He telling the chat how to castle just to crush them… 🥹😂🤣

  3. Don't try to win at chess, play for fun Andover time most of these things will become a discovery of your own

  4. God loves you so much get too know him before it's too late ❤️❤️❤️

  5. why didn’t he take the queen with the pawn? i’m a noob but please explain to me why

  6. can someone please explain to me (novice) why whites Pawn (F2) can’t capture blacks queen when he moves QG3?! I cannot understand why – thank you!

  7. I am literally playing rn and it says that you are online ahaha

  8. Why do they keep playing the g2 pawn and don't take your knight with the h3 pawn instead?

  9. i dont care what chess "experts" say. I would literally at the first moment take the queen with a solider right away. Also the knight. What's the benefit? – Not getting checkmated by trying to play "smart"

  10. Wtf i am trying learn and is so fast moving .

  11. Eric Rosen whenever I watch your videos I enter a calm state and then i fall asleep but please do not be offended

  12. R-r-r-Rosen moves, will they notice? They don’t, wrong move chosen…

  13. Everyone as in "the ones that play exactly as i want them to play".

  14. At :30 seconds.
    Why didn’t the pawn take the queen?
    Seemed like a much better idea than moving king ?

  15. Two thumbs up👍👍, best black work Ive seen in awhile. Host & Video recommended for like minded individuals. 🧐

  16. Nobody ever goes for the Stafford when I try to play it.

  17. Why the fuck do they never capture your queen with their pawn? Instead they go to corner and get mated…wtf is this video rigged or what? I dont even play chess and i see that simple move.

  18. He can take the knight with its pawn

  19. On the first trap, it's strange that the pawn didn't kill your queen, when it moved to B7, weird?

  20. What is the line if they take knight on G3? New to chess

  21. 6:38 in this position why wouldn’t white move rook to e1?

    Because from what i see you can avoid being mated that way. What am i not seeing?

    Edit Nevermind i think i figured it out. After rook e1 queen gives check on h2 king moves to f1 and then back rank mate on h1 with the black queen. 😕

  22. Played 40 games, not 1 player opened this way.

  23. I can't understand: at 1:17 the white pawn in F2 can beat the dark Queen, not?

  24. This would be nice if my opponent didn’t go e5 every fucking time

  25. Why he dint eat your queen at the begining ?

  26. I like the part where he said "its chessing time" and chessed all over the board

  27. I'm not that familiar with chess, can somebody explain why so many moves are "illegal" here? Like taking the queen at g3 or moving the pawn to f4?

  28. The best way as white to actually counter this is by not playing h3 it’s just not the best move instead you just trade your bishop with the knight and then play Bf4 preventing the queen to come to d6

  29. I want to ask what are your social lives like? What kind of concersations do you guys have? The amount of brain power you need to play chess like that. I feel like at least. Because Im not so fast im a 400 at best and im curious about your world through your superior mind

  30. I don’t know how you managed this so much Eric. I literally tried 40 matches in a row with black and not one single time did my opponent play the moves that would have allowed me to do this. It looks awesome though.

  31. 7:28
    I don't understand why white couldn't take black's queen with f2 pawn??
    (I don't know much about chess but??)

  32. Eric’s gotta realize that 99% of his chat isn’t going to watch for 6 hours straight well unless they are jobless I suppose 😂

  33. Quote of the day "it's stanfford gambit time"

  34. ive played 25 games as black and nobody takes the knight

  35. what happens if they take your knight G4??? how do you counter

  36. The only people that would allow this is someone thats never been on a chess board

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