Beating Everyone with the Same Opening Trap (Stafford Gambit)

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This video features 3 games (played in the same day) in which the white side falls victim to the same simple and devious opening trap in the Stafford Gambit. The trap involves a “fishing pole” idea with an early h5 and Ng4. While the Stafford Gambit is not necessarily a sound opening, it is highly venomous. If white is not prepared, then it can be easy for black to win quite quickly!
Game 1: vs janeza12 (2128)
Game 2 vs FM Stefan005 (2335):
Game 3 vs Twitch Chat:

Big thanks to Andrew Yatzkan who coded the “Chess vs Twitch Chat” bot seen at 1:40
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  1. I tried this in lower rank it doesn’t work. They move differently. I’m noob too.

  2. Eric: Mates 2 people using the same method

    Chat during the match: I am gonna pretend i did not see that.

  3. I also win in within 24 sec (3 min blitz)😅
    Thanks 👍👍

  4. Eric Rosen: Plays H5
    Me, an intellectual: Oh shit – he got his GM norm.

  5. Why didn't they get the queen with pawn at f2 during the 1st check at 7.20

  6. 0 – 0 = kingside castle;

    0 – 0 – 0 – queenside castle!

    Alternatively, move the king two squares towards the rook you are castling on – the rook will do the rest!

  7. what can you do when after black does Bf8- c5, white does Bc1-g5

  8. Saying 'alphabet' backwards in 2 seconds is a measure of this man's genius.

  9. Can someone explain why they don’t take Knight

  10. Surely the pawn would take the horse instead of moving the other pawn forward which allows the king to become trapped. If I was white, I'd have taken the horse with the pawn.

  11. The humdrum shrimp biomechanically choke because grandmother impressively moan through a useless gold. thick, rambunctious dish

  12. Lol this fails if they don't castle. I personally never castle.

  13. After seeing all these moves ; I still loose in the real game !!

  14. Sometimes I can't understand the urge to castle of many people, especially when the central pawns are still in strong positions.

  15. For this to work your opponent has to be a 🗑….

  16. LMAO I Can’t believe it. Wow! Just on 🔥

  17. So hard to follow because you’re moving your piece before your turn! I’ll have to watch a different video to understand the gambit :/ looks interesting though!

  18. I m a starter so just a quick question, at 7:03 why cant the white pawn not take out the black queen?

  19. Played 30 games for black – no one took a pawn. I guess only skilled chess players get in this trap 🙂

  20. I cant get why the pawn at h3 dont stab black horse at g4

  21. White can trade his bishop with knight. And queen cannot up there

  22. Clearly I’m beginner, why don’t they just capture the queen with the pawn?

  23. Cornelius Constantine Balthazar Fitzpatrick V Sr. says:

    Great trap!

  24. Why is nobody taking his knight with that pawn?

  25. I hate when I try to castle and it just moves my king next to my rook

  26. when eric rosen said "deja vu", it's like the same way joro from oresuki said it

  27. Sorry for the dumb qn. why didn't the white f2 pawn take the queen?

  28. These comments are so ducking relatable 😂

  29. Bcs this vids, make me studied this opening for play chess against my friends, but my friends can't play chess👍🏿

  30. Minimalistic editting and calm personality. Noice

  31. Never mind I was too early. Great video once again

  32. There are many combinations of steps that ruin that plan.

  33. Don't you think there are certain blunders like the pawn could have killed the horse and queen at the start ?

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