Beginners Chess Opening TIER LIST with Hikaru and Levy | Part 1

GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Levy Rozman use @tiermaker to rank chess openings from the point of view of a beginner (800-1300). (We will rank openings for club level players later)

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Accelerated Dragon
2:29 Advanced Caro-Kann
4:22 Nc3 g4 Ng2 var
4:30 Regular var
5:45 Advanced French
7:45 Alapin Sicilian
9:10 Alekhine’s Defense
10:26 Benko Gambit
11:35 Benoni
13:21 Berlin Defense
16:20 Bird’s Opening
16:55 Fool’s Mate Kindergarten Nationals Story
19:03 BongCloud
20:07 Budapest Gambit
21:13 Caro-Kann
23:13 Catalan
24:51 Closed Sicilian
26:28 Danish Gambit
30:04 Dragdorf
31:45 Dutch Defense
34:39 English
37:03 Englund Gambit
39:28 Evan’s Gambit

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  1. Ok. So when he said he played the advanced French till he was 2300… he can only play that if black opens a certain way though, right? Sometimes as a new player i find myself trying to force a certain opening even if black doesn't open how they're "supposed to"

  2. where did you learn all these openings is there a book you would recommend?

  3. 10:25 "Bengko Gambit named after… Yes class, Mr. Gambit" – Ben Finegold

  4. I start watching chess vids and all I see now is masterclass ads w/ Garry Kasparov

  5. Do you have any book recommendations for beginners?

  6. Can you guys make a more right to the point video? I'd like to simply learn the most important openings and main variations and I don't find it anywhere

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  8. ngl I would've totally taken that kindergartener's bait

  9. how do you share a board like this to teach someone?

  10. Where is Botez gambit? definitely legendary

  11. Hikaru: As you all know…
    Me, with a 500 rating: hahahaaa, wut

  12. Hi im a beginner, i've just recently started playing..I've bought some puzzle books which ill be reading soon but the problem i have is that I can't always do these openings because my opponent knows what i'm doing so how can i make the other player move where I want them to?

  13. I guess these chess GMs/YouTubers target beginner chess players primarily, I didn't know there were lots of chess beginners I also assumed most players who considered themselves "chess players" were at least 1200-1600. I'm only 1800 but just started getting back into chess this past month.

  14. Kind of beginner here. I main English… I gotta say, it's Legit by virtue of most people know their e4 game really well, d4 quite also.. But when you open with c4, the enemy is disarmed with all their knowledge and it just comes down to who plays consistently well.

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  16. 28:40 The sarcasm in the chat.

    "Ah I see."

    "Ah yes, but of course."

    "Faster pls"

    "Beginner BTW"

  17. Levy seems so checked out, like he tries to offer explanation and than Hikaru just says "Yeah, I think it goes here" and then moves on.

  18. havent played chess since i was a little kid. made an account and im already 1390 and like 4-1. am i just getting really lucky lol cuz i really dont know what im doing.

  19. the twitch chat is killing my braincells. people are like "well im a 2000 and i play this why is it rated so low?". BEGINNERS CHESS OPENING TIER LIST COMMON SENSE WILL LEED YOU TO THE IDEA THAT BEGINNERS ARE FROM 0 TO AROUND 1000

  20. You guys messed up the color gradient 🙂

  21. Idk why Kings Indian and Kings Indian Attack just looks funny

  22. I tried the kindergarten story on my brother that started at the same time as me and I won exactly the same

  23. You bear a striking resemblance to Will Riker.

  24. karo kann, danish gambit, evan gambit, england gambit

  25. Levy's mic just kept getting better after every part. If you compare part 1 to part 3

  26. It’s surprising how many book openings I’ve played not knowing book openings

  27. Wow my pfp really b a mirrored king's gambit

  28. When a 800 player plays sicilian njadorf I say "really bro"

  29. I just ducking watched full tom and jerry episode on the ad lol

  30. The chat when Dutch defense was being explained: G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  31. The evans gambit by alpha zero was predetermined. Alpha took over after the engineers put the gambit on the board

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