BULLET Chess Is Bad For You

BULLET Chess Makes You Play Worse.
Bullet chess is a variant of chess that is played with very fast time controls, usually only 1 minute to play for the whole game! with each player having only a few seconds to make their moves. But why the best players in the world think it’s not “real chess”?

1- you noticed how? when you switch to a more serious chess time control you keep thinking as if you were still in a bullet mode?

2- you suddenly rely on reflexes and intuition rather than careful thought and analysis. This can be useful in some situations like a zeitnot (a zeitnot happens when you dont have time to finish your game and you are in time trouble to avoid losing the game, but it may also lead to poor decision-making and a lack of understanding of deeper positional and strategic concepts.

3- It can lead to a lack of practice in other areas of your game: like endgame technique that you hate spending time on, right?

It’s important to keep in mind that bullet chess is just one variant of chess and should not be the sole focus of your chess training. While playing bullet chess can be a fun and fast-paced way to play the game, it is simply not the way to go about learning chess

In order to keep improving, it’s important to practice your positional play and strategy, tactics, and endgame technique. These will help develop your ability to evaluate positions objectively and make good decisions during your games. Do not let bullet chess distract you from practicing these other important areas!


  1. Zeitnot😂 As a german that's very nice

  2. An opposite argument is that classical chess weakens ur intuition and fast decision making ability. So it’s more of a pick-ur-poison thing

  3. Bullet helps because it helps you notice a good move then you look for a better obe

  4. It works vis versa . I’m currently 1600 in rapid (LorenzoGeorgeJr) but 10 minute games will have you going into a think tank every middle game instead of you learning natural responses to certain positions/moves . left unchecked you can develop bad time control skills in Rapid. I’m gonna try to play them both and get the best of both worlds

  5. Bullet is fun so i play chess and trash talk lol

  6. It’s less stressful to lose in bullet 😂

  7. Blitz/bullet players become strong by studying, analysis, and practicing classical chess. Learn how to play correctly, then one may be able to play quickly.

  8. i actually agree with him, bullet chess kills focus

  9. Hyper Bullet & Bullet Chess has helped me out just about as much as it's hurt me. Because of those two modes I can play super solidly against people 1000+ Elo higher than my measly 600-700ish Elo self could be reasonably expected to do well against. Sometimes I win, more often I lose, but I usually hold even through the opening and about 45-65% of the middle game lmao

  10. True, I’m 1500 at blitz (3min) and I never have the patience for longer time frames

  11. Blue bullet is PERFECTLY fine for your chess, it makes your intuition better. Most of these guys online are ass at chess so don’t take their word for it

  12. This is what happen to me Im a Bullet player 33 winstreak and highest Accuracy 99.8% in bullet but when i play rapid blitz Classical game and yeah i rely in reflexes and speed and yeah i blundered in rapid and classical cause im moving so fast

  13. Kramnik seeing magnus win bullet championship: interesting

  14. huh, weird how all the best and fastest improving players play bullet and you (who sucks) does not!

  15. I disagree. I started playing bullet a month ago and all my ratings started to go up. You can turn off bullet mode when you switch to slower time controls, and your practice of playing fast helps you calculate tactics fast, check for blunders fast, and find more possibilities for moves faster.

  16. Looks at Magnus Carlsen… Nakamura… yeah clearly top think it's a joke… maybe itself an incendiary take for comments.

  17. what’s wrong with improving intuition?

  18. Bullet forces me to study more about chess so I could save up time when I play again. I think bullet is good. Especially learning quick traps in the opening and applying it to the game is usually effective and very fun. Also I noticed that it forces me to practice in calculating faster than usual with good accuracy. I even use bullet as warmups for Rapid chess.

  19. i play 3 minute blitxz games because I hate waiting 20 minutes for stallers after I get a winning position

  20. I'm the opposite. I always lose in rapid, because I take too long to think. In bullet, I just make moves ASAP, and don't blunder. And so I always win on time.

  21. Lol there's a name for that…that's just how I played as young lad lol

  22. Playing bullet chess is like watching shorts

  23. I've been playing bullet mold a lot recently, and I used to only play rapid.
    Now I'm blundering all the time. And when I play Slower games. I can't focus and calculate.

  24. There are merits playing bullet chess. Time control for obvious reasons but you can male yourself get familiared with lines a lot faster than usual just because of the sheer amount of games you can play for a shorter amount of time.

    Now on the other end, you'll struggle mostly in middle to end games when playing rapidclassical due to the fact you're used to settling for the good moves, playing faster, and winning in time rather than spending time to look for best if not brilliancy and go for the kill.

  25. luckily I only play 10min rapid or 5min/3+2 blitz

  26. i actually came to this conclusion myself after noticing how sloppy and degrading my play became in longer time formats after playing a lot of bullet and blitz

  27. I even think 10 mins is little time for complex long games. I often lose games even tough my position is better when my position is better but complex. I cant find the right move in time to detach de last defenses, and my opponent have a pretty simple position to counter attack once I make a mistake ☹️

  28. As someone who struggles with spending too much time on my moves, bulletins was very helpful with forcing me to get over that. Now I’m a much better player.

  29. It's amazing how noticeably wrecked heavily-biased blitz/bullet players are even in a rapid game. Their aggravation with facing "slow" moves just oozes through the screen. 30-40 moves in and they often haven't even used 15-20 percent of their time. And by then, they're so cheesed-off at the torture they have subjected themselves to that they play even faster! Just completely out of their element. And unable to cope. It very much is a bottomless well of such players. Precisely, I suspect, because most online players grow up with fast-paced games of all sorts. That's not a critique. It's just the nature of the beast.

  30. Ironically bullet chess is my most played time variation by FAR, but is also my worst BY FAR😂

  31. I wish this video popped out sooner. Bullet has ruined me HAHAHA

  32. Playing bullet hurts your rapid game; playing rapid helps your bullet game

  33. I think bullet chess can promote quick thinking when played seriously, and can translate to sports that require fast reflexes with proper responses like racing or boxing. I'm not an expert though.

    To get better at chess however, maybe its better to play on longer time settings to strengthen your positional understanding.

  34. I remember vishwanath ananand played 47moves in one sec in normychess and won

  35. Bruh totally right,speaking from 3 year experience guys,still 500 elo on rapid cuz i started playing blitz

  36. I don’t want to sit in front of a screen for 20min. 3-5min matches are the best

  37. Simple: play chess normally before bullet

  38. Bro was talking like NAS DAILY fr , lol

  39. Me and my friends are playing chess with 3days waiting period , Now that's what I call chess

  40. Bullet chess is also very addicting and you'll be bored doing slower and harder stuff, hence causing lack of motivation.

  41. This like me I have good research skills but poor exam results 😒 because exam only allow few hours daily games is the way to go

  42. i think 10 minutues is pretty good for a game where you want to have a fun quick game while still having enough time to think

  43. then don't let it control you? not hard to have self control

  44. Yeah, my rapid chess got a little weaker after i started playing blitz, but bullet i reserve only for when I'm too sick to concentrate or completely drunk

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