Caro Kann Defense | part 11 |Classical Tartakower | Chess Opening Tutorial

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  1. Wow this channel is amazing it’s so underrated❤️

  2. Hey this series is amazing. Just wondering when you do a video on the Advanced Variation will you cover the early c5 line (I think it’s called Botvinik-Carls or something i can’t remember). – it goes 1e4/c6 2d4/d5 3e5/c5. I’ve been playing it for a while but have never really seen any good videos on it. Will you cover it or just look at the main Bf5 line?

  3. Thank you for this video! I'm not an expert player, but I play this initial line often with the Caro-Kann (that is, offering the knight exchange at f6). However, I've never actually studied it – I just fell into it a couple of times and really enjoyed it, even with the double pawns.

    So far this is one of the few videos I've found on it. I will try some of the lines that you mention are strongest. I usually go a completely separate route: Nd7, Be7, 0-0, Re8, Nb6, Bg4. I like that line (not sure if it's a thing), but it does make it harder to place my queen on c7 … so I will experiment with Bd6 instead of Be7 to facilitate that!

  4. Thanks a lot for uploading! I'm definitely going to incorporate this whenever it pops up

  5. Love this video. Thank you!! I have a question. If whites bishop is placed on e2 instead of d3, would blacks bishop be better positioned on f4 instead of e3? And would this change a lot of the plans in this video? Or is it very similar? For some reason my opponents tend to play be2 more often (on 1500 rating). Thanks again!!

  6. I have a qstn that why h6 den h5 is possibl ryt?

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