Caro-Kann Defense | Two Knights Variation ⎸Chess Openings | IM Alex Astaneh

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In this video, IM Alex Astaneh is continuing the Caro-Kann Defense series with the Two Knights Variation. The Two Knights Variation can be reached via two different move orders. One possible move order is 1.e4 c6 2.Nc3 d5 3.Nf3 whereas in the second option, white’s knight moves are transposed. After 3…Nf6 4.e5 Ne4, we reach the position from where the analysis of the different variations starts.

The main focus of this video is on black’s best responses to white’s last moves:

4:42 5.d4
6:46 5.d3
11:26 5.Ne2

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  1. How did you like this lesson? Let us know your questions and comments, we’ll be happy to answer them!

  2. This setup has so much checks and captures by white yet it's perfectly fine
    What an amazing variation to know about
    But quite scary for me ngl

    Nice video IM Alex and @chessfactor

  3. Thank you. I only know Ne4 and then I'm lost on what to do. Now my Caro Kann is even stronger than before.

  4. I have watched few of ur videos and they are really good and the number of likes are not justifying the quality of the video. I really feel there need to some active effort in the direction of advertising the channel needs to be done. I don't specifically know how but this quality stuff needs more attention.

  5. What's up alex??? Whats up chessfactor???

  6. Thanks Alex! I did not kown Cf6 instead Bg4. It is a secret and stronger line 😉

  7. I love this channel but Alex you explain very well. You are the best when it comes to explain different variations thats why nobody dislikes the video. Good job👍

  8. @14:13 Instead of 9.hxg3 with equality, Stockfish gives 9.fxg3! cxd4 10.O-O Nc6 11.Qe1!± Giving white a +0.7 advantage.

  9. Pretty nice vid. Thanks for uploading it and all other Caro-Kann variations.

  10. I absolutely LOVE the caro-kann videos by Alex, it helped me to develop my own repertoire, especially as he covered most of the less known side-lines, but in this video I must mention one thing that kinda dissapointed me and it's 3:38 saying "g5 being dangereous because it's in the black side of the board". What kind of argument is that, especially that there are several master games played in that line and even with the engine there is no clear way how to refute that move. Plus that move makes perfect sense as it attacks our e4 pawn. I know there might not be enough time to cover all variations, but quite a legit moves should't be discarded with such a trivial reasoning.

  11. You just blew my mind!! I'm going to run through this a few times and let you know if any questions come up.

  12. Great content, but I'm missing the 9. fxg3 system which was known at the time when the video was published.

  13. @5:07 I think no one at clublevel will play c4, they would prefer 7.Bb5+. This seems to be more interesting for white.

  14. Very nice & detailed explanation. Thank you.

  15. thanks for these usefull videos to learn caro kann, or to remind caro kann basics !

  16. Im a lifelong beginner but I think these videos are great! Just here to bump this up with a comment 🙂

  17. Yeah very good line. So no pin Bg4 and we are getting our knight quickly to e4. Yeah I like that.

  18. 3:38 Ng5 is not that bad for white since its threatening black's pawn on e4, no?

  19. 21:17 that check seems concerning, black loses castling rights and after ..Ke7 theres an intersting pawn push for white on f5 activating the dark square bishop and potentially sacking an exchange for multiple threats with whites knight and queen?

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