Caro-Kann Defense: Two Knights Variation | Opening Repertoire

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The Caro–Kann Defense is a chess opening characterised by the moves: 1.e4 c6. It is classified as a “Semi-Open Game” like the Sicilian Defence and French Defence, although it is thought to be more solid and less dynamic than either of those openings. It often leads to good endgames for Black, who has the better pawn structure.

This is another video by RCA guest coach IM Asaf Givon in his series of ‘Opening Repertoires’. In this video lesson, he explains the opening variation for White in the Caro-Kann Defense, the Two Knights Variation. It follows the moves 1.e4 c6 2.Nc3 d5 3.Nf3 (or 2.Nf3 d5 3.Nc3).

It was played by Bobby Fischer in his youth, but has since declined in popularity. White’s intention is to benefit from rapid development as well as to retain options regarding the d-pawn. Black’s logical and probably best reply is 3…Bg4. After 4.h3 Bxf3 5.Qxf3, the positional continuation, Black has the option of 5…Nf6 or 5…e6. The Retreat Line 4…Bh5 is playable but Black must be careful.

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  1. Simply awesome ❤ for the Nfd7 line at the end, I also like to play d4 and Ng5 , more Morphy style and crush Black

  2. I enjoyed your system against the french defense and now I try this one against caro kann. Thank you for your videos

  3. this is amazing content both video and pgn thank you so much =)

  4. As a Karo-Kann player this helped me a bit to be prepared to this annoying (for black) variation (Nf6 seemed the best candidate), thank you 🙂

  5. finally some pleasure against the caro-kann! thank you, man!

  6. This IMO is the most instructive and well-explained video on YouTube against the Caro-Cann. Thanks for uploading.

  7. Nice job Remote. I'm on a mission to get better at chess, and your chess vids (among others) are going to help. Thumbs up and already subscribed.

  8. in the opening where the black bishop comes out to threaten the knight on e7. after I retreat my knight my opponents often move the bishop to g4. what's the best line from here, especially after they take and I bring my queen out. Where are my advantages?

  9. Royal/ Triple fork after only 12 moves! Opponent resigned! Can I share a Caro Khan game between 500s?

  10. Remembering always that white will always have one extra tempo. It's not a complete refutation of the caro.

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