Chess Masterclass | Owen’s Defense!

Chess Masterclass | Owen’s Defense!

There are many popular chess openings for black against e4 such as the French Defense, Pirc Defense, Scandinavian Defense, Caro-Kann Defense, Sicilian Defense, Nimzowitsch Defense, Alekhine Defense. However, usually white is prepared for all of these chess openings for black, and they take a ton of time to learn the opening theory. Is there a move we can play as black that takes white by surprise but still holds that high level of chess strategy? The answer is yes, and in today’s video I’ll be showing you the Owen’s Defense, a dangerous and fun chess opening for black against e4. By playing b6 on the first move, we want to fianchetto our bishop on b7 and put immediate pressure on the e4 pawn. We will then develop our pieces, aggressively fight for counterplay, and sometimes look to checkmate the opponent’s king.

Most “Learn to Play” chess opening videos, I cover the chess opening lines, chess opening variations, chess opening theory, chess opening moves, chess opening tricks, chess opening traps, and chess opening ideas as whole. However, in today’s video I start a new series, in that I play the chess opening and explain my thought process through it. This is meant to give you the practical side of the opening. It is one thing to learn from a chess book, and another to gain experience through playing a chess opening system. Hopefully this will give you Owen’s Defense players some new ideas!

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  1. Hey awesome video you’ve got a cool channel. I make chess content on YouTube too check it out sometime! 👍🤴

  2. Very good video, I've been using this opening via E6 B6, it is very good on my level, Thanks

  3. Missed the chance to say one of your taglines " Just going to throw in a little Checkerooski" . Good game, started using the Owen's after your other video.

  4. on move 11 for black, how about Nd5, threating a queen swap?

  5. nice video and thought process explanations

  6. Why is it so common in openings like the Owens, Hippo, and Modern, that after you fianchetto, you move that middle pawn forward one space? Is it just to let the other bishop have sight?

  7. Show us what to do if White plays 1.e4 2.d4 3.Nc3 4.Bd3 5.Nbd2. This line seems close to refuting the Owen's Defense

  8. I like games like this where somebody explains their thinking as the game is being played. Somebody who explains logically and clearly is a good teacher. And I don't mind if they are surprised when they miss a move by the opponent. Even Magnus Carlson is surprised by a response from time to time.

  9. I don't know how many of these Masterclass vids you've done so far, but I welcome the chance to see more in the future so fire away!

  10. I love Owen's Defense and regularly play it. This was helpful as I haven't thought of f5 before. Please do more of these!

  11. Another great lesson, Solomon! Thank you for teaching me the Owen's Defense. I will definitely try it if get the chance. One question, though; Can you play it against 1. d4 ? Maybe I should fianchetto the other B for that ? Any thoughts? Thanks again!

  12. I think this was one of your strongest lessons..perfect pace thorough explanations and very helpful.

  13. This is fantastic. Id love to see more 10 or 15 minute games where you explain your thought process for various openings. Great work as always

  14. Very good format buddy we m!ssed more like it, everytime instructive

  15. Hi Chess Giant, thanks for the awesome video! I´d like to know if you could make a video about playing the Owen´s defense with black and with white, something similar to what you did with the hippo.

  16. Anyone i play with would bring pawn to a3. No one ever shows this move but it is a common reply to that bishop pin.

  17. "I'm far from perfect as a person and as a chess player" made me smile, what a legend.

  18. Excellent commentary move by move . Keep up the good work friend. Smile, you are helping many budding chess players.

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