Chess Opening For Black Against d4 London System | Aggresive!

Chess Opening For Black Against d4 London System | Aggresive!


  1. How c3 pond is becoming weak its a good position for white 3:29

  2. Very nice instruction. Clear, concise and engaging. Sharing and recommending your channel to other aspiring improvers.

  3. That's really good, I don't know why do u have so few subs :'(

  4. Fantastic Video. Who's watching in 2038? Also, can We be youtube friends? 😀

  5. Very instructional video (and excellent training board !) – thanks. Looking forward to seeing your recommendations against Jobava London !?

  6. You finally made the video! This is great, thank you so much!

  7. I Love your videos,dont stop Mr.Kestony !!!

  8. Is this a queens gambit for black?
    I've been playing something very similar with white pieces, and recently added the london system ideas into my white openings too.

  9. Idk why but your voice is so satisfying to listening 11/10 will subscribe

  10. Thank you kestony , nice ideas to attack London players

  11. I used to play the Nf6-c6-Qb6 system against the London suggested by Johnathan Schrantz (vampire_chicken). Though that was very effective I used to get closed positions at middlegame which I don't prefer at all (That's why, when my opponent plays French against me I generally plays 2.Nf3 to open up the whole position).But with your video I gained confidence to play the d5-c5 system against the London and it seemed very comfortable and highly effective.Kestony, you are the best solution for the positional and strategic problems that a club level player faces often.Your videos are very much instructional . As compared to other channels rather than stressing on ordinary tricks,traps and tactical puzzles you just bring up some real chess for us.

    Thank you Kestony, expecting more from you 🖤

    (A video from white side against French preferably?)

  12. i watch every opening will mark down what you says and all the moves :] i am just 8 years old i really really love playing chess

  13. Thx for your video, I really touched beacuse the Queen's gambit is the first opening I learn in chess, then I decided to play e4 just to play more aggressive systems you teach this set up for black is like a reverse queen's gambit and got me feel like I am back to the time I start learning chess. (Which is just 60days ago lol)

  14. Thank you, maybe now I will have fun facing the most boring chess opening ever

  15. I have a lot of trouble following ideas in videos and am desperately trying to understand the ideas against the London system and this video was very good for that purpose when playing d5 against it. Thanks!

  16. إليك هذه النصيحة حاول تضع ترجمة باللغه العربيه للجميع المبارايات لكي تحصل على أكبر عدد من المشتركين العرب 😎

  17. What happens after that bishop f5 trap, when white Queen takes that bishop…and the black Queen eats that rook on a1, if the white Queen goes back to c2 trapping the black Queen, with the potential small castle and the rook attacking the black Queen in a couple of moves? How do we get the black Queen out of that corner?

  18. I've been watching a lot of London System videos recently and this one is very well done. Thanks! Subscribing!

  19. Dr. Siddhartha Mani HEART DISEASES & CARDIOLOGY says:

    After black plays Qb6, u suggest white will play Qc2, then black needs to play g6 followed by plan of Bf5….why can't black play Bf5 directly before g6 here as the trap of Qxb2 applies here also?

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