Chess Opening ideas: Petrov’s Defense 3.Nxe4 Ideas and Traps

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  1. Realy cool video , i will try to implement this in my blitz or bullet games ,thank you

  2. If Qxe5 is an inferior move what makes you think most people will play it ? Are you trying to suggest we are so rubbish we can't get better opponents ? I've seen many videos about openings made by you and I've only learned one single trick in a london video. For an IM the content you put out there is sub-par. Only dodgy lines and tricks that will not work in a million years against a player that knows his theory. I am angry because it took me 10 years of watching crappy videos like this to realize it's a waist of time. Basically let me translate for you what I am saying: he gives out to you all the shit lines that he doesn't need and can't ever use because they are known to be bad. Give us some lines you would actually play in a real game.

  3. Here automatically I playing 3..Nc6(stafford gambit) but now I'm interested playing 3…N.e4.thanks and I wish the best for you from iran 🙂

  4. what about.. 1. e 4 e 5. 2 . K f3 Kf6 6. 3. Ke5 Ke4. 4. Qe2 Qe7. 5. Qe4 d6. 6. d4 de5. 7. Qe5 Qe5. 8 de5 Bf5. 9. Kc3….?

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