Chess Opening King’s Gambit AS BLACK!

Chess Opening King’s Gambit AS BLACK!


  1. Thanks for sharing .I will have to try that out sometime.Keep up the good work.

  2. Good job. More infos in 5 mins then a lot of other videos in 30 mins.

  3. Most intuitive video on how to tackle king's gambit thank you sir🙏🙏

  4. An amazing channel 😍

    Hoping you should cover English opening in a video very soon🥰

  5. What do you do if he goes 1. e4 e5 2. f4 d5 3. Nf3

  6. Don’t take this the wrong way but I love you. ❤️

  7. مشاهده بازی برای یاد گرفتن است پس بازی را تا چک مات ادامه دهید.درهر صورت خیلی عالی بود.تشکر

  8. Nice job sir. Hope u upload more nice videos

  9. Amazing video man .I am really going to implement this in my game

  10. Nice video! I will definitely try that! 😀❤️Can you please make a video on a aggressive line against the najdorf Sicilian?

  11. Impressive, simple and concise, thank you!

  12. Amazing video, how much do you charge for lessons.

  13. Fabulous implementation and explanation in 5 minutes Kudos

  14. Great video, thanks for the lesson. I subbed

  15. I'm an intermediate player and it's extremely rare that I come across the King's Gambit and the times that I did, I didn't know how to respond to it but you're video is easy to understand and it really helped me. Thanks Coach! 🤣

  16. My game, they put Nc3 first, protecting the middle, thus not allowing the queen coming across the board. But very useful in some lines

  17. What is it called when you play the white moves as black?

    Also is this Smith Morra or Blackmar-Diemer?

  18. Also I don't know if you mean "discourages the queen from moving to protect the pawn which already has to few defenders," instead of a legal pin which it is not

  19. Hi i loved this theory my only question to you my coach is if i m a sicilian defense guy and commit my pawn at every E4 move how can I counter act once F4 is being played after my c6 move .

  20. At 5:07 after playing Bd6 and white plays d5 then what? Seems to me like the knight on c6 is lost

  21. Te Kestony variation, I like the name. 🙂 Great explanation and I'm going to use it for sure, thanks.

  22. Simple, easy to understand responses to a opening that can be tricky if not well considered – thank you!

  23. I was able to get to move 4 until my opponent did something completely different..

  24. slightly better positions as blaaAack

  25. I’m 1450s and I lost two games in a row to the kings gambit… now I’m here

  26. I only wanted the central pawn to disappear so I can do the opening I want . Latter on I learned that what I play is called "King's gambit". I'm afraid you don't get into consideration WHY a player plays the King's gambit. Not all people play it for the same reason. Some don't even have the intention to play something that is called king's gambit. All you would do with those moves is just help me get EXACTLY the position I want. I don't know if I would lose the game due to miscalculation but one thing is for sure. I would not lose it because of your response to my "King's gambit" or however people like to call it. That would be very shameful for you as my rating is no more than 1600.

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