Chess Openings – Baltic Defense

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  1. Omg im so glad to see an upload from you 😀 its been 7 months

  2. 4.41- is bishop captures b5 possible?because if pawn recapture white can checkmate black with queen

  3. I'm so less upset for waking up at midnight! Thanks for a great new informative video!

  4. At 6:41, instead of Rc1, is there a problem with the following variation: 1. Bb4+ Kf6 2. e5+ Kg6 (or Kf5, it really doesnt matter) 3. Qc2+ (protecting the rook on b1) and then white wins back the bishop with Bxf8 on the following turn? I realize it gives up the option to play Qb7+ winning the rook but I personally prefer this with black's king out in the open and for me being able to castle kingside and with moves like f4 and a rook lift/opening of the f-file, and other things, I would probably be able to mate the black king relatively easily, and find the position much more comfortable to play

  5. Good morning Dereque. Reality glad you're doing more videos

  6. ooh! That's exciting Dereque! You are back!

  7. can you make a video about gaga gambit? e4 e5 f4 exf4 g3 fxg3

  8. i have never seen the baltic, and i myself have never played it.. for good reasons i understand now! thanks

  9. You havent uploded for so long…Glad you have though!

  10. Can you please do a video on Simon Williams' Double Transvestite opening.

  11. Welcome back ! 🙂 it's been so long ;-;

  12. Thanks for the upload, see you next year!

  13. Very glad to see you back! I also like your chess apps — very instructive. Thank you

  14. I thought the Baltic (or Keres) defence was supposed to be unsound in general. On move 3, instead of cxd5 white usually goes Qb3, almost refuting the whole line.
    In this video at 4:55 after e4, it seems Bxb5 is a threat also possible.

  15. Yay you're back! Do you have a video about the Benko lined up?

  16. I only recently came across your videos and thought they were amazing. Then I got bummed out when I saw you hadn't uploaded forever.. and now you're back, lucky me!

  17. As always… bright, refreshing, and tastefully presented!

  18. So good! Thanks for your hard work Dereque 🙂

  19. A beginner game would probably go like:

    d4 d5, c4 Bf5, cxd5 Bxb1, Rxb1 Qxd5.

  20. Excellent and useful analysis!

  21. Thank you for your enlightening lessons! Besides helping me understand what to do after choosing one or another opening you are also helping me improve my English because your vocabulary is very good.

    Now, about this opening, couldn't the queen go up, give check to the king, and then capture the rook instead of going to c2?

  22. What ages can Mr Dereque beat on the Magnus carlsen app?

  23. Thank you for the lesson.
    I cannot find your apps on the AppStore

  24. I see a mirror position to this arising in the King's Gambit where black's king bishop comes out and takes white's king's knight.

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