Chess Openings: DANGEROUS + RARE Hippopotamus Defense! Learn to ATTACK with Hippopotamus Defense!


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Chess Openings: DANGEROUS + RARE Hippopotamus Defense! Learn to ATTACK with Hippopotamus Defense!

There are many strong chess openings for black against either e4 or d4. These chess openings include e5, the French Defense, Pirc Defense, Scandinavian Defense, Caro-Kann Defense, Alekhine Defense, Sicilian Defense, Nimzo-Indian Defense, Benko Gambit, King’s Indian Defense, Budapest Gambit, Old Benoni Defense, Modern Defense, Bogo-Indian Defense, and Slav Defense! However, most chess players are well prepared for these chess openings. What can we play to surprise white with our chess opening theory? In a recent video we covered the chess opening moves, chess opening strategy, chess opening principles, chess opening ideas, chess opening trips, chess opening fundamentals, and chess opening tricks to win fast with the Hippopotamus Defense. The Hippopotamus Defense is a strong defense for black, and there’s not much that white can do to stop it. Many believe the Hippopotamus Defense to be a slow, defensive, and positional chess opening. However, the Hippopotamus Defense is one of the most aggressive chess openings ever created. The Hippopotamus Defense has amazing potential for good chess and taking white by surprise with our attacking play. The Hippopotamus Defense may seem slow in the beginning, but once things break open, our pieces our locked and loaded for exciting and tactical chess. The Hippopotamus Defense is a good chess opening for intermediate chess players and beginner chess players as it is easy to learn how to play, and has great chess strategy, chess tricks to win fast, chess moves, chess theory, chess tips, chess principles, and chess fundamentals. Many top Grandmasters have played the Hippopotamus Defense, as it is a one of the best chess openings for black and is an aggressive chess opening for black. Whether you are a chess beginner, intermediate chess player, or grandmaster chess player, we hope you enjoy learning how to play the Hippopotamus Defense!

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  1. thank you again I love the hippo and im doing really well with it

  2. Thanks for sharing hippo defence game .I play it too sometimes 😀.

  3. This video is perfect for a Hippo player like myself. Looking forward for more hippo knowledge!


    I think kamsky chess player used on his time this kind of strategy.

  5. Appreciate the insight on the hippo defense.

  6. is there a slightly different move order for the hippo (when playing as black), depending on whether white plays e4 or d4 first?
    thank you !

  7. Falling more and more in love with this defense! Thanks for the video Solomon!

  8. Hikaru just did a Hippo Speed run. Then I found your cool video, thanks for helping explain it. Could it be considered part of the Modern Opening G6?

  9. curious if ths opening for black works against D4 Queens Pawn opening as well as E4? does it matter since the eventual set-up seems the same?

  10. Hoping you get notices as I have no idea how old this game post is. That said, I have struggled to find a transcription of Gendry Chapukais 1996 game. You do not provide much information and you do not provide a transcription of the game which would be greatly helpful. Trying to follow the moves and using CC it is difficult to make my own transcription to use later for study, meditation, contemplation and etc. I, and certainly many other followers and subscribers would greatly appreciate that effort.

  11. It is so good in bullet , I earned 150 points in one day playing this opening ,👍

  12. Im Australian and when i see this in my game of chess i go CRIKEY
    Edit im sorry mate iv lost the plot

  13. Hmmm. One issue I have with this opening is that castling is largely out of the question, since you have to weaken your pawn structure in order to fianchetto your bishops.

  14. Whyyy whyy board is mirrored, eh, is it stone from some other channel?

  15. This comment section is disgusting. So many hippo players, I had no idea there were so many

  16. Almost every trick in the book was so cleverly used in this game, Bravo for the initiative of Hypo player. Cool game Solomon! Thanks, .. Mike,

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