Chess Openings- Dutch Defense

The Dutch Defense is chess defense that gives a direct counter attack against white’s kingside after white beings with 1. d4 We will take a look at the key concepts of the opening and analyze some of the variations that can arise from the Dutch Defense.

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  1. Thanks for the informative video. My one complaint is that the volume on your videos always seems to be a bit lower than say the likes of jrobichess.

  2. Yeah I for some reason haven't solved the volume problem, but I am trying. Hopefully in future videos I can make it easier to hear. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. you are right. I was covering just the main line of the dutch but you can play the staunton gambit if you would like. I will cover this in another video. Thanks for watching.

  4. Well I would have to see some of your games to really see what was going on. I so far have put together about 3 mid game videos and will end up making about 25 or so. Hopefully that will also help with some common things to look for in your chess games. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help improve your game.

  5. It's played sparingly but def not one of the more common defenses for GMs today

  6. hai, i love your videos very much. I have a question, how do i avoid making blunders in the game? usually i get into a complicated position, and lose just because of a simple blunder, any suggestions?

  7. When I am playing I always like to look at all the threats that my opponent has and keep an eye on them. Don't just think about your own moves but think about what your opponent can do. If you take time, even when it's their move to just think about all their possible threats you will be much better for it. It may sound simple but most players only think about their own moves and never think to look at their opponent's moves.

  8. hei, thanks for the response. Just asking another question, how long do i need to spend my time reading up chess strategies to improve my chess skills quickly? is there a speedy method? 🙂

  9. I think chess strategy is the most important part of getting better at chess. You can memorize openings but if you understand why you are moving what you are moving and how the pieces work together then things will be much easier. There is no super speedy way except practice and practice. Find as many strategy videos you can find and just learn as much as you can. Then try and put them in your game.

  10. I know this is supposed to be about chess….but the opening music to these videos makes me giggle. It sounds like a worship song or something 🙂

    Keep up the vids, I'm learning alot!

  11. Can never have too much worship music 🙂

  12. Maybe you are a good player, but your analysis are too simple.

    At least try reading something about the opening move before trying to say some obvious things.

  13. Hey, what's the weaken of the french defense, just so i know what to watch out for.

  14. @thechesswebsite Do you personally play chess at the club level? How long have you been playing, and for what organization and what not. I recently got a USCF membership, and played my first rated game. I won, yay! I still need 24 games to get a solid rating though. I'm still unrated. –Do you have a chess master you specifically study? I always study Anatoly Karpov.

  15. thanx enjoy listening to your videos,was playing very badly against D4,am happy to say along with your videos am getting better… need to get to the heart of the game in what to do and look for in the middle game…that would be very helpful.

  16. @bradominus Bg5 kinda puts a wrench in the wheels though. It leads to uncharacteristic Dutch positions. Sort of like the Panov-Botvinnik against the Caro-Kann. It leaves the position roughly equal with White having good pressure and Black gets a position he is not familiar with…

    I play the Stonewall but I transpose via d5-c6-e6-f5 to avoid the anti-Dutch lines and to confuse White going from a Queen pawn, to a Semi-Slav, to a Slav, to the Stonewall Dutch.

  17. Problem…I can't tell if you're playing this as a black defense or white's answer to it. I've been following your openings and defenses all day, and your approach has been black defenses and white openings. please tell me what I'm missing.

  18. @jimbos22 aquariam from chessok and chesscentral

  19. beware of the fact that the queen can go to h5 when there is not done an e5 or such a thing it will be a really shamefull checkmate

  20. @poweredbyvlad If you look at the moves white plays they all fight for control of the center and the a8-h1 diagonal, which will become useful for a queenside or central attack later. Chess isn't just about capturing pieces, it's also about controlling squares.

  21. It seems like playing the Dutch this way leaves white with a lot of space on the queenside and weakens your kingside. Doesn't that give you problems?

  22. I had a great time recently playing dutch! My ELO is pretty non existent, still i gave a 1900ELO guy a pretty hard time for around 24 moves! (He obviously had a bad, bad day…)

  23. @thechesswebsite YES! Love worship music! Afterall, we (or I, depending on what you do) worship a God who loves us and deserves it!

    Thanks for the Chess video's! Sorta a novice at the moment, and it's so hard for me to remember all the openings and attacks, except for the queens gambit, I remember that one. Keep it up!

  24. One anti-Dutch line 2.Bg5 contains a trap for Black. 1.d4 f5, 2.Bg5 h6, 3.Bh4 g5, 4.e4 – threatening Qh5#. If you’re learning the Dutch, or playing against it, it’s worth being aware of this trap.

  25. There will be a day by Jeremy Camp is his opening music.
    Nice video, thanks. keep them coming!

  26. hey thx a lot for the vid but can u please make one where u explain the e4 gambit in this defense'??
    thx anyway

  27. i loved the video but im really looking for a good opening to play as black against d4 and this one is the best ive seen so far in my opinian so could you make a video on the stone wall variation

  28. @qertasdfgzxcvb try the benoni defense too

  29. I learned this a bit backwards. I do f5 kf6 g6 bg7 all in different order depending on what opponent does. I then transition into sort of a queens indian and ive had amazing success. Try it! Its the moon defense if you want to know =D

  30. Im serious. It seems that most people have no clue what to do. I always thought I was playing the dutch but I was wrong. Lol at me epic dutch fail!

  31. Great videos! A video or two on the dzindzi- indian would be nice. I only ask because you asked for feedback. Your aggressive style means you may not play it much but it would be good to know how you avoid it or what you do if you find yourself in it. I never avoid it as white because I want to learn it. Sometimes, I have to switch to pirc as black, especially if white moves e4 on the second move. Just a suggestion…still trying to spring the lolli on someone. Thank you.

  32. I always lose against this defense. Thanks for the info.

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