Chess Openings – Four Knights

Chess openings – Four Knights
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  1. 3:18 why can't the bishop just go to b5 pinning the knight!?!?!?!?

  2. Nice video. However, 'knights' is misspelled in the thumbnail!

  3. I love your videos and wonder best first move if white starts game with knight to f3?

  4. What would you do if black plays Bd7 instead of Qe7?

  5. Your videos are helping me a lot and I love your teachings . Subscribed!

  6. Why can't Black respond with Bishop to G4 after the White move Bishop to G5? Wouldn't play continue with (White) Knight to D5, and (Black) Knight to D4, and this would lead to similar problems for White?

  7. Good Video. I like the 4 Knights. I think it should be mentioned that White can also use the move order 2.Nc3 and 3. Nf3. This has the advantage to avoid black moves like 2. d5 or 2. f5 which are objectivly not so good, but anoying on club level. Further white has the moves 4. d4 going into the Scotch or even the Belgrade Gambit or 4. g3 which is the subtle Glek variation. These additional possibilities make the 4 Knights even more attractive. Many black players play 2. Nc6 and 3.Bc5 and then the Nxe4 tricks works for white.

  8. I really enjoy your videos. Very instructive, very clear. Keep up the good work, and thank you 🙂

  9. Your videos are the best chess instruction videos I've ever seen. I'm an Instructional Designer working in online learning, and I'm thoroughly impressed. Keep it up please.

  10. Hello Dereque.
    Your videos are amazing and they have taught me so much!
    But i wonder why White doesnt play f3 instead of queen e1.
    I hope you Will talke a look at it. Thank you so much for These videos.

  11. Audio is clearer and better when you are on screen. (except for the "s" sound)

  12. I am an unrated player but these videos were really helpful for me to expand . can u give it email id so that I can give any doubts

  13. Tnx for teaching meYOU ARE THE BEST😄😄😄


  15. I really do enjoy your videos as they are very informative and not biased towards one side. Showing how both sides can play certain openings and respond to them as well and what their goals are make your videos that much more enjoyable. Now just wondering if you could do a video of the Four Knights Halloween Gambit variation?

  16. 6:40 why bother disturbing the Bishop with the Knight when you could just do H6 which not only disturbs the Bishop in less moves, but also creates a flight square for the king?

  17. Someone used this against me and I lost that game😥😥

  18. Here's a challenge, try to find anyone who explains chess better than this guy. Don't, you can't. Great videos, 12/10

  19. I've been a correspondence player for nearly 40 years, and in the last 10 or so years I turned to the Four Knights opening when playing White in an attempt from getting away from the highly-analysed variations of the major king pawn openings.

  20. Thank you so much, Dereque! It's always a pleasure following your elaborative and lively teaching delivered with eloquent, bright and precise expertise! Whenever I search for various chess videos and find your name below the thumbnail, I know I don't have to look any further!

  21. it should be called the copycat opening or the mirror opening

  22. I am from INIDA thank you for teaching me

  23. Can you please tell me till
    what rating will this opening be useful. Can I even play this in national tournaments?

  24. Most of the time i see white playing 3. Nc3 is as an answer to the russian defense. After 2. … Nc6 it feels like giving away momentum, no? Anyway, great video!!

  25. thank you for your serves and there is one comment that will change all of your videos dont make the camera only in front of you
    Chang the place or use an other camera and make some scenes on the chess board while you are explaining to make the video more interactive and use better background sorry for the advises

  26. Such a well-spoken young man, youtube doesn’t deserve you! Thanks for the awesome intro explanation 🙌🏽

  27. Four knights opening is pro for white or black ??

  28. Hi brother , your videos are very pleasant, keep up the good work

  29. I hate seeing these positions on the board, I'd much rather see White try Scotch Game, Italian or Ruy Lopez

  30. Your videos are great. Thanks for creating such great content.

  31. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  32. Im trying to find in the video but I'm not sure this is there. Why not pawn to a6 against the bishop in b5?

  33. Awesome video you’re great at explaining things

  34. 4:42 yeahhhhhhh that's what i want to hear as a social justice warrior

  35. This ended up being a more interesting opening than I thought. Great job as always. Clear, concise, and enjoyable enthusiasm.

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