Chess Openings: How to do Chess Opening Moves against Defensive Players

Are you ready to play chess online with best chess openings? You are gonna enjoy the real chess opening moves like the queen’s gambit on chess board. In this chess game I played against a chess player who knows best chess openings. He was playing on chess board like a warrior and knew good chess opening tricks. But I also repel this chess game player with my chess opening and chess tricks easily. He knew great chess moves and he was well aware of chess rules.
I think he is fan of famous Latvian chess legend “Mikhail Tal”. This player played an ultimate chess game the best opening in chess. First I was impressed by his tricky moves but then I managed to understand that he is an aggressive chess player. So, by using his aggressiveness I trapped him a lot by using my best chess openings to win fast. As I was on white side, so I always knew his/her chess tricks and traps.
Lets talk about chess pieces and their characteristics. In the chess game there are total 32 pieces, 16 each side.
The Pawn: each player has 8 pawns on his/her side. In chess game, while chess opening can move 2 boxes and then 1 box forward. It is the least valuable chess piece. Pawn can only capture opponents chess piece in a diagonal attack. It has 1 point. If any of the chess player will be able to get the pawn to other side of chess board without being captured then it can be change into any piece except king.
The Knight: each player has 2 knights. In the chess opening, the knight can move 2 box vertical and 1 box horizontal on any side. Means L shape. It is worth 3 points. It can jump over the piece to uncaptured chess square.
The Bishop: each player has 2 bishops and each bishop can move diagonally. It will move only on that color from which it had started.
The Rook: each player has 2 rooks. The rook can move straight, left, right, or backward. Only in 1 direction. This chess piece worth 5 points on chess board game.
The Queen: each player has 1 queen and it is the most valuable chess piece. It can move in any direction. This is very important chess piece and very helpful in many chess strategies. So it is very important for the chess player to play such chess moves which will keep queen save. If you will be able to trap your opponent’s queen and then capture it. Then you have won 50% of chess game already.
The King: king is the most important piece of the chess game. The goal is to protect king from being checkmate.
You must see this video if you are chess beginner and looking someone to teach you how to play chess game online. Then you must learn first chess openings for beginners. Learn this game online and famous chess opening tricks like the queen’s gambit with only some chess pieces. First step to for every player is to learn chess board set up. How to set every piece. Which piece has how many moves. The he will become chess game master and become a world champion. This video is for those who want to learn chess tricks in hindi and become master of this board game by applying famous and dangerous chess tricks and tips.
Come and join us to learn chess online with best opening chess moves. You can win the match within 5 minutes if you learn how to tackle your opponent by understanding their mind and chess moves. The best chess openings can lead you to win the match without losing your chess pieces. You are gonna learn chess very easily.
The real game start in the middle of the game. When almost each player has moved 10 -13 moves keeping in defensive mode. At this moment each player has to attack opponent’s piece.
There are some common questions about this game. Just like “How to play chess”, “How to checkmate in chess”, “How to win at chess”, “Free chess game lessons for beginners”, “chess openings for black”, “chess openings for white”, “chess openings for beginners”, “best opening chess moves”, “best chess openings for white”, “best chess openings for black”, “the best opening in chess”. People ask these questions and I am here to answer all these questions by my coming videos. You can learn and improve your skills by watching our videos.
That’s why it is very important for you to enhance your best chess openings tricks. Stay with us to learn online chess and chess openings. There are many variations in this chess board game with many chess openings. You have to be careful on every chess move because there are chances that your opponent will trap you in his chess opening trick. After watching our videos you won’t ask “How to win at chess” any more and how to checkmate in chess with 5 moves.
If you want to learn how to play chess online and want to learn best chess openings tricks then you can follow my chess gameplay and learn some chess opening tricks and tips. By watching my full video you are gonna learn best chess openings which will help you to checkmate in 2 moves. There is a saying in this game, “Chess makes men wiser and clear-sighted.” – Vladimir Putin.
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