Chess Openings: Kings Indian Defense

The Kings Indian Defense is a very common and strong defense from black that looks to fortify his king side safety and then counter attack white’s central control of the board. This is not an aggressive defense from black but still very effective and seen quite often at high level play.

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  1. I officially decided to switch from queen or nimzo Indian defense to now solid king Indian defense 😎

  2. When your trying to discover 2 black openings to play against e4 and d4 and you come across Queens Indian defense, kings Indian defense, Pirc defense and a combo of then all Sicilian . My brain blows up. Im like okay so which one of these openings fianchetto on what side again?? is it e6 or d6?? cuz those are the only differences mainly. urg

  3. Am i the only one who is finding my f knight is blocking my dark square bishop and making it sad

  4. I was just gonna say just turn it into a Sicilian Yugoslavia attack.

  5. Peace, Kevin. At 8:45 before moving the knight to Nb8-c6, you say, "and once he takes our Bishop…" but you mean takes the black pawn, WITH the White Bishop at c5, correct?
    WL Bush

  6. Really good video. I like the whole structure of the King's Indian.

  7. I just found this channel. It's the 2nd biggest chess channel after Agadmator, that I have seen.

  8. King's indian is designed to be a powerful counter-attack playstyle. Not passive.

  9. While the opening is passive the middlegame is really really aggressive. In the classical lines your aim is to checkmate the castled king with thematic sacrifices and pawn pushes

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  13. At 3:30 , after black goes pawn to g5 why doesnt white exchange bishop with knight on f6 , breaking black's defensive play?

  14. What white always does is e5 and dark bg5 attacking the knight, and if u take the pawn theirs another pawn takes its place.

  15. I'm looking for material on the Petrosian, where white has played f3 and…. castles long! I hope to find long term ideas and demonstrations of it.

  16. This is all waaaay wrong. Black is not planning on a solid, king-side defense. It's not passive, it's aggressive. It's not really about center control via pieces, it's about checkmate brought about by sacrifices

  17. I hate d4 openings, probably because I'm used to e4. I like playing this and the dutch to make the game more interesting

  18. Always appreciate the videos keep up the good work 👏🏻

  19. Thanks Kevin, for beginners, this defense for black is great allowing time to get organized and ready to play . I've been using this defense with success thanks to your suggestion, to use one and learn all the options. Keep up the great videos with no babel gaff.

  20. I’ve watch kings Indian defense about 20 times already .. who’s playing the king Indian defense ? White or black

  21. Did you really say king Indian is a passive opening, Dear God, buddy you shouldn't be teaching chess to other if you think this is a passive opening, it is one of the sharpest counter attacking opening black plays. Might have confused Berlin defense with King Indian defense. Just because the name says defense don't mean it is passive.

  22. Playing black King's Indian defense how can one deal with "bg5'" attacking "knf6"after castling ? Anyone…

  23. The beginning sounds like the captian on the plane speaking

  24. What do you do if white pushes the pawn from e4 to e5?

  25. Hi, I see you still are active in the comments of the video, i started playing not so long ago and managed to get in to 1200's only playing this as black and im really interested in learning more about this opening and what to do against certain attacks. Do you have any videos going in depths with the variations or are you planning on making more videos about the opening in the future? 🙂 I think a lot of people would love to know more about the opening as there are limited amount of information about the opening on youtube

  26. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:


  27. This is the first time I've ever seen this channel being factually wrong.

  28. If you could add those variations names with moves in description, it would be a great reference. Great video

  29. I can't get this defense to work. I keep getting completely crushed in the middlegame.

  30. قناة الإقتصاد والتسيير says:

    It's me ❤️😀❤️

  31. I have a basic question. Do white's moves define the name of blacks moves? For instance, white has pawns on C, d and E4. If white did something else would you still use king's indian defence?

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