Chess Openings: Kings Indian Defense

The Kings Indian Defense is a very common and strong defense from black that looks to fortify his king side safety and then counter attack white’s central control of the board. This is not an aggressive defense from black but still very effective and seen quite often at high level play.

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  1. And that is one that does not know or only know very superficially the kings indian defense…

  2. @jdf585 Good question. If white takes dxe5 and black recaptures dxe5. I assume you were seeing Nxe5? Then notice black can now play Nxe4 and there is a discovered attack on the white knight that is on e5. White can decide to continue to trade down but white will not win a pawn. Hope that helps. Great question though.

  3. at 8:38 why does he take our queen? i think thats a weak move

  4. Good video, thanks. I was very suprised to hear it described as passive for black, the only times I've seen it played it's been very aggressive kingside attacks by black. Kind of an 'all or nothing' approach

  5. @Rawtwitpower I don't currently. I'm typically a very aggressive player, but in the near future I will be starting a new series of videos that give my analysis of games that I have played so I will try to play a few KID games and give analysis of those games.

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