Chess Openings: Learn the Fried Fox Defense

The Fried Fox Defense is one of the most powerful and defensive openings in all of chess. Depending on how well you play it, it can be used to crush oppponents who aren’t familiar with the opening. However, it’s imperative that it’s played correctly.

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  1. Congratulations,you just ruined your opponent's day.😂😂😂😂

  2. This is a joke with chess, even in the beginning, Stockfish is laughing at you while you miss three times a simple checkmate in one move. And the guy you played against literally blundered his queen and you didn't even took it, he hung his bishop and missed a fork, which wins a rook. In the end you got 4 mistakes, nine blunders and 4 missed wins, which is much worse than an average 1 minute game.

  3. 1v1 me blitz fried fox vs hammerschlag NOW!

  4. What is your rating if you dont mind me askinf

  5. even though he hung his bishop he still could of got ur rook for free with a kiing forkBut ye need to try this, some dude just beat me with it in a bullet game, blew my mind.

  6. 2:51 Am I missing something? After Nb5, black simply moves Qxg2++

  7. question, after the main line at 3:30 what are good follow-up moves for black in this position? f5 looks good locking the pawns in but developing Bb7 also looks goodthanks for covering this, its hard to find good videos on this opening

  8. You've heard of bongcloud, now get ready for:

    FRIED FOX. aka Bongcloud++

  9. move 11 instead of a6, Qg2 is checkmate, and all the other moves you show after move 10 are completely ignoring the fact that Qg2 is checkmate and the oponent never blocks it.
    In the game you show, you say take the free pawn and resign… which free pawn? why you didnt take the queen he gave you for free? you say "I am going for the most obvious response" yet you dont take his queen, what more obvious move on move 12 can be? then again you dont take his queen after he moves the pawn laughing that his rook is traped when you could take his queen 2 times, not to mention that your plan of discovered check is just a free rook for whites bishop on d5. If you make an instructive video at least analyse the games you show and dont show 10 blunders in a row from both oponents

  10. This is really bad opening.I have few more Questions. You can answer this questions.1️⃣1:36 Why you play Nh3 weeking your pawn structure,black next move is B×N.2️⃣2:00 Why white not take the free pawn in h6?3️⃣2:04 Why white play king side catsle?g fille is semi open file.4️⃣2:49 Why white play Nb4 ?? it's blunder the mate in one for Q×g7 Why you play a6 ??.🔴3:49 This game is really bad. You play 10 blunders this game.This is joke.🤣

  11. i had made a random name for my channel and it turns out its also a chess opening lol

  12. as a 1800 rated i can agree that this is the reason im 1800… ffried fox is the best move for black in existance. thank you for sharing this knowledge with others 🙂

  13. I don’t usually agree with sharing the very underrated yet lethal fried fox defence since it’s power comes from the opponent not knowing how to react to it but my god this demonstration was beautiful. You don’t really see this defence on the internet since it is only mentioned briefly in bobby fischers biography regarding his most lethal and dangerous defence positions but I’m glad it’s starting to get some of the recognition it deserves! Beautiful video! You should probably talk about the fried lizard variation and the Korean recapture variation. The Vietnamese tree soldier line is also played often against queen h5

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