Chess Openings: Learn to Play the 4 Budapest Gambit Chess Traps!

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Chess Openings: Learn to Play the 4 Budapest Gambit Chess Traps!

The Budapest Gambit is one of the strongest chess gambits against d4 ever seen! The Budapest Gambit is a great chess opening option if you are wanting to learn new chess opening tricks to win fast. There are so many chess traps covered in the Budapest Gambit and in today’s video we cover four of them. With most chess gambits, we simply hope that the opponent makes a silly mistake. However, the Budapest Gambit is an extremely hard chess opening to play against, especially when the d4 player is not prepared for the chess opening theory. The Budapest Gambit has great chess opening strategy, chess opening principles, chess opening fundamentals, chess opening tricks, chess opening moves, chess opening ideas, and chess opening traps! The Budapest Gambit is an awesome chess opening for beginner chess players as it is extremely easy to learn, but also great for intermediate chess players as it is very dangerous and hard to play against. In fact, the Budapest Gambit is considered to be a top tier opening by many. If the d4 player knows exactly what to do, they will have a slight advantage going into the middlegame, but this is expected as they are playing with the white pieces. Honestly, no matter what we play against d4 including the Benoni, King’s Indian Defense, or Queen’s Indian Defense, black is not guaranteed an even game. However, with the Budapest Gambit, you can take your opponent by surprise and win games fast. The Budapest Gambit serves as a good chess opening guide for those looking to learn top tier chess gambits. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Budapest Gambit!

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  1. Thanks alot mate, i recently subscribed after finding your ponziani video. Keep up the great work pal

  2. The Budapest gambit is literally the tennison gambit but with white having a c4, which is better for us as now white cannot block the bishop check, anyways the traps are very similar to that of tennison gambit.

  3. Thank so much for the video but can you please make a video on the wing gambit i love the way you explain all the ideas

  4. Thanks a lot.
    I am training my calculation and the sharp lines of gambits are the best way to do that.
    Can you please learn us a gambit vs c4?

  5. This reminds me of the spirit of the Elephant, disruptive of calm equilibrium, not often seen. Throw it at your regular opponents just to salt the stew. Thanks, Solomon. Very enjoyable.

  6. Not sure how I missed this last week but great video!

  7. Chess Giant, what is the difference between the Budapest and the Englund? Is it just 2… Nf6?

  8. 1:13 In this position playing Ne4 is also simply winning for black. You missed this one😊.

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