Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Danish Gambit!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Danish Gambit!

There are many strong chess openings for white against e5 including the King’s Gambit, Vienna Game, Vienna Gambit, Giuoco Piano, Ruy Lopez, Italian Game, Three Knights Variation, Fried Liver Attack, Bishop’s Opening, Ponziani Opening, etc. However, in today’s video we cover potentially the most aggressive and dangerous chess opening for white against e5 with the Danish Gambit! The Danish Gambit starts off with the following moves:

1. e4 e5
2. d4 exd4
3. c3

Here, we as white we are offering up a second pawn (and potentially a third!) so that we can gain an advantage in develop, and then use chess opening tricks and traps to win games fast. The Danish Gambit has great chess opening theory, chess opening strategy, chess opening principles, chess opening ideas, chess opening moves, chess opening tricks, and chess opening traps. The Danish is also a good chess opening for beginner chess players, and a good chess opening for intermediate chess players. Do you want great attacking chances? Do you want to checkmate the opponent’s king quickly? Do you want to take your opponent’s by surprise and have dozens of chess opening traps at your disposal? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Danish might be for you! The Danish Gambit is a top tier chess opening for white and can help you improve at chess fast. How is this? The Danish Gambit shows not just how to play chess, but how to use chess strategy, chess traps, and chess ideas to your advantage. In this beginner chess lesson, we will cover every major (and more!) variation so that you are prepared for whatever comes your way. There are many chess opening moves that you need to be prepared for, but we will also cover different lines and variations that you can play! For example, if black goes into the Danish Gambit Accepted, we can either play Bc4 (offering up a third straight pawn!) or Nxc3 which still gives us a big attacking edge. This chess opening video was made for beginners so that they can grasp the ideas behind the Danish. We look to cover beginner chess strategy, beginner chess tips, beginner chess openings, beginner chess tactics, and beginner chess traps in this beginner chess lesson. We will look at the Danish Gambit Accepted, Danish Gambit Declined, Danish Gambit traps, Danish Gambit defense, and Danish Gambit theory in today’s video so that you are prepared to use tricks and traps to crush your opponents with the Danish Gambit! Whether you are a chess master who has been playing the Danish for years, simply trying to learn some new lines or variations, or if you are a chess beginner who just learned how to play, we hope you enjoy this lesson on how to play the Danish Gambit!

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  1. Black just does not fall for this opening.

  2. Got to remember though, that if you aren't a naturally aggressive player, you're not going to stop Black catching up in development. You have to keep finding threatening moves which also don't allow Black to develop as he defends. Morphy for example made it look easy – that was part of his genius.

  3. Wow, how do you even begin to memorize all these lines?

  4. Hey giant recently I switched from e4 to d4 could u make a vid on the following
    2.samisch KID for white
    3.F3 anti Grunfeld

  5. Just set reminder, really looking forward to this one!

  6. Yay! Looking forward to your take on this aggressive opening for white! 🤓✍️

  7. best danish gambit video on Youtube! thank you giant

  8. I am not a gambit player but this is nice

  9. A moment of silence for those pawns who so bravely gave their lives.

  10. Great coverage of an aggressive line. I learned a few lines that have stumped me in the past. I will give it another try now. Well done and thank you. Keeping in the tradition of aggressive King's Pawn Openings, I would love to see your thoughts on the Max Lange Attack sometime. Thanks again, and look forward to the next one!

  11. Nice videos bro, I am learning how to play and from 1200 now I am a 1500 player in a few months

  12. Man you rock thanks. I will replay for a week to ge it engrained in bullet mode…you know. Please cover Nescafe Frappe attack. You the best

  13. Can you possibly do a video on (what I call) The Half Danish?

    You have no idea how often I get Black refusing to take the b pawn. I end up taking the c pawn with my Knight (Smith-Morra Gambit like).

  14. Combine the Danish with the nescafe frappe , and you have quite the chess game for breakfast.

  15. In my experiance what they all do first after accepting all the pawns, is open up with d6, bring out the bishop and go for the exchange – never know whats best in that case.

  16. Hey Chess Giant, great lesson. But can't white, after the line 1.e4e5 2.d4pxp 3.c4pxp 4.Bc4pxp 5>Bxpd5 6.BxpNf6 7.Bxp!Ke7 8.Ba3!KxB 9.QxQ

  17. Just started the Video but already Love it!subed

  18. I wish my opponents wouldn't play something stupid like Nc6 or d6 or d5 every game

  19. This opening is great for beginners and intermediate players. It it a great way to learn how to play attacking chess.

  20. I wish you had covered the most critical line

    1. e4 e5
    2. d4 exd4
    3. c3 d5
    4. exd5 Qxd5
    5. cxd4 Nc6
    6. Nf3 Bg4
    7. Be2 Bb4+
    8. Nc3 Bxf3
    9. Bxf3 Qc4

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