Chess Openings: Learn to Play the English Rat Defense!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the English Rat Defense!

There are many top tier chess openings for black including the Nimzo-Indian Defense, Benko Gambit, Old Benoni Defense, Dutch Defense, Semi-Slav Defense, King’s Indian Defense, Grunfeld Defense, Benoni Defense, Bogo-Indian Defense, Queen’s Indian Defense, and many more. We have covered all of these top tier chess openings for black against d4, but in today’s video we cover a rare but strong chess opening for black. What if I told you that you could potentially play the Pirc Defense against d4? Well, this is possible with the English Rat Defense! It starts out with black playing 1. …d6 against 1. d4, and it gives white the opportunity to play 2. e4 which transposes right into the Pirc Defense. If white decides not to transpose into the Pirc, they could decline us from playing the English Rat Defense, however we could still go into the King’s Indian Defense or Hippopotamus Defense. So, by playing 1. …d6, you could find yourself playing the Pirc Defense against d4, or even going into a Hippopotamus Defense or King’s Indian Defense type system for black. The English Rat Defense is a top tier chess opening for black and an underrated option for all levels of play! The English Rat Defense has good chess opening strategy, chess opening theory, chess opening moves, chess opening tricks, chess opening traps, chess opening ideas, chess opening tactics, chess opening lines, and chess opening variations. In this video, we look to explain each of these areas in detail, while helping you beginner chess players and intermediate chess players improve your game. The English Rat Defense is a good option if you want to take your opponent by surprise and fight for the win, but is also a great chess opening for you Pirc Defense players. The Pirc Defense is second to none, and inviting white to transpose into it is exactly what the Pirc Defense player wants. And, even if white decides not to, you still have chess opening systems such as the English Rat Defense, Pirc Defense, and King’s Indian Defense at your disposal. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the English Rat Defense against d4!

0:00 Introduction (Pirc Defense Included!)
2:05 3. Nc3
6:06 3. Nf3
7:29 3. d5
11:37 3. dxe5 (Main Line)


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  1. Love the video. Tbh, this would be my opening of choice if the queen trade line wasn't so common. I fell in love in this type of structure ever since I've seen Rashid Nezhmetdinov's games, but the lack of tactics in openings with early queen trades bores me which is why I play the black lion that was designed specifically to address that problem.

    Speaking of which, I've emailed you the book as well as a link to author's website. Hope you find it usefull.

  2. Hey Solomon, what's the best opening for white that you recommend?

  3. What are your thoughts on if White goes for a London set-up: 1. d4 d6 2. Bf4 c5? It seems that many lines are ok for black i.e. 3. cxd e5 (or Qa5+). Basically turns into an old Benoni.

  4. This looks really interesting, gonna give this a go

  5. So I lost my first 3 games playing this and have had 4 wins and a draw since and I haven't even got stockfish involved in the analysis yet but think when I do things will get interesting, not sure if it's because I'm playing bullet but every game white has gone for the forced queen trade but despite losing castling privelages I've still been able to develop actively so far anyway 😁😁

  6. Interestingly, a playable alternative if white plays 2.Nf3 is to play Nbd7 immediately. Apparently this is a kind of rat defense (not English). Can transpose to black lion lines in case you're not in the mood to play a KI/Pirc type set-up.

  7. Ok really nice but please learn to pronounce "fianchetto"

    I beg you

  8. Great Job bro, what do you recommand against, 3) e3 ?

  9. I started chess about 10 years ago playing on and off I’ve always tried to go for this opening out of instinct and never knew what it was called until recently πŸ˜‚

  10. Hey Solomon, have you ever checked out the Norwegian Rat? Magnus plays it sometimes. 1. e4 g6 2. d4 Nf6 3. e5 Nh5!? if 3. Nc3 d5

  11. i'm looking into this from the englund gambit declined move order 1.d4 e5!? 2.c4 d6 HOPING to potentially transpose into the hartlaub/charlick gambit I'm trying to get to. I just got beat by my first 2.c4 encounter and want to get a tactical OPEN system for that with 2…d6. I don't like 2…exd5 3.Qxd5 Nc6 because white's queen out in the open negates ALL of my hartlaub/charlick plans to 0-0-0 fast and use THAT to attack white's queen, still on her d1 square. we'll see how this system LOOKS to me. if I see a black fianchetto though, I am OUT OF HERE!

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