Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Grunfeld Defense!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Grunfeld Defense!

The Grunfeld Defense is one of the most exciting chess openings for black against d4. The Grunfeld is considered to be hypermodern, meaning that we don’t fight for the center of the board right away. In fact, we allow the d4 player to gain full control of the center, and then lock that center in as our target. The Grunfeld Defense is a top tier chess opening because of it’s theory, strategy, principles, ideas, moves, tricks, lines, variations, and traps. The Grunfeld Defense is also a good chess opening for beginners as it can help you improve at chess quickly and win at chess fast. However, by playing the Grunfeld Defense, the beginner chess player is going to be stretched in understanding the game better. We don’t play traditional chess where we put a pawn in the center, and then look to naturally develop our minor pieces. We instead fianchetto our bishop, purposely give white the opportunity to take control of the center, and then fight back by putting all of our attention on that d4 pawn! The Grunfeld is simply a top tier chess opening for black, and it takes many d4 players by surprise. The Grunfeld is also great for the intermediate chess player, as it looks to complicate the game by move 5, giving black winning chances. In today’s chess opening video, we look to take a close look into the lines and variations of the Grunfeld Defense, in addition to the chess opening strategy it utilizes. If you are looking for an aggressive and dynamic chess opening system for black against d4, the Grunfeld Defense might be for you! The chess opening theory, chess opening strategy, and chess opening principles the Grunfeld holds is second to none. It is especially dangerous in shorter time controls, such as blitz chess or bullet chess. If you watch this chess video a few times, and not only memorize the lines and variations, but really understand them, you’re going to be one tough chess player to go up against! We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Grunfeld Defense, one of the best chess opening systems for black against d4!

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  1. Hello, how should I play this defense if white never played c4 in the opening? Thanks 👍

  2. Always love, that you repeat the line before going into a new one. Very nice to learn this way

  3. I love your opening videos, you’re my go to for starting new openings! Thank you!

  4. It is time to start remember and understand the lines. Grunfeld and Latvian gambit it is! 😀

  5. damn this is a sick defense.. cant wait to study on it. Amazing video also.😊

  6. how good is this for 1000 elo

  7. Great video – switching to Grunfield for white e4😂😮😅

  8. Soon I’m having a tournament on this defense Very helpful!!

  9. Shootouts to GothamChess for scaring the casual 12yos off this gem <3

  10. big plus for video description. How KID and Grunfeld compare, which one is better for beginner?

  11. Can you do a video on how to CRUSH the King's Indian (and Pirc) Defence?

  12. Very nice video. Please make a video against French defence.

  13. Do a video on the modern defense you are underrated keep up the work and how tall are you judging by your channel name

  14. "Hypermodern". You keep using that word. I dont think it means what you think it means. BTW, have you seen a six fingered man?

  15. Wow dude! Loved your way of teaching! I would love some Accelerated Dragon Sicilian video!

  16. I like the fact that he reply almost always

  17. In the last line where White plays e6 and exd7… You are not down a pawn but you are down a full piece… Will check if black has enough compensation for a piece in that position….

  18. 10:49 The thing always missing from these kind of lines is an analysis for 1400 club level players like me, is why …Nxe4 dxe4 isn't bad for black (or white with colors reversed in similar situations).

  19. Very nice. Can you do another one covering some more lines? The main two that come to mind are white fianchettoing the king bishop and the anti Grunfeld line with f3. A couple others, not so important, are Qa4 in the exchange and Bg5 before Nf3.

    You do a very nice job of explaining the main themes and picking good illustrative lines.

  20. Really liked the video. It's a perfect balance of explaining the main ideas while not taking too long.

  21. Do you have the PGN for all of this? Would really appreciate it if you gave it to me

  22. Benoni players like myself need to stay aware of Grunfeld lines, given transposition possibilities. Thanks, Giant. Keep up the good work.

  23. Amazing!!! That line at russian variation was amazing,thank u so mucho 🙌🏼🙌🏼👍🏼♟️

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