Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Hippopotamus Defense… as Played by Simon Williams!


Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Hippopotamus Defense… as Played by Simon Williams!

There are many good chess openings for black against e4 including the French Defense, Pirc Defense, Caro-Kann Defense, Petrov Defense, Elephant Gambit, Sicilian Defense, Alekhine Defense, Owen’s Defense, and Scandinavian Defense. Likewise, there are many strong chess opening options for black against d4 including the Benko Gambit, Old Benoni Defense, Nimzo-Indian Defense, Modern Defense, Bogo-Indian Defense, Benoni Defense, and King’s Indian Defense. These are all good chess openings, but have a ton of chess opening theory. What chess opening can we play against white to make the game fun and give us some attacking chances? In today’s video, we cover the Hippopotamus Defense, and specifically a game played by @GingerGM Simon Williams! Simon Williams is one of the most entertaining chess grandmasters in chess, and today we cover a brilliant Hippopotamus Defense game played by him! The Hippopotamus Defense has good chess strategy, chess moves, chess ideas, chess principles, and chess tricks to win fast. However, as chess players we need to not only study the chess opening theory but watch the best chess players in the game use openings to their advantage. The more master and grandmaster games we watch of a specific chess opening, the faster we will improve. Simon Williams shows off just how dangerous the Hippopotamus Defense can be, as he plays with good chess opening strategy and good chess opening principles. The Hippo Defense is a great chess opening for beginner chess players as it is easy to learn, and can help you learn how to win chess games fast. The Hippopotamus Defense is one of the most fun and entertaining chess openings ever invented. On top of that, the Hippopotamus Defense is one of the best chess openings for white, and chess openings for black. The Hippopotamus Defense may seem positional and drawish at first glance. However, the Hippopotamus Defense is a dangerous chess opening for black or white, as it holds tons of potential for attacking chess as Simon Williams shows! One advantage of this the Hippopotamus Defense is that it does not create any weaknesses in the position. In addition, the Hippopotamus Defense is extremely easy to learn, but is still a very good chess opening. We hope you enjoy learning more about the Hippopotamus Defense in today’s chess opening video!

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  1. Cool contant man and I used to always play it until I found the counter play, so I played it less as white.
    TBH but it is still cool 👍🏻

    (And I can play games from this channel cuz my friends doesn’t know about this channel)

  2. Hi Solomon, again a great lesson, as a French defense i play sometimes this hippo but i am not confortable with it, not much as "my" French defense. Itwil be different after your video i believe in it. Thx !! Greeting from France^^ ps: simon is my fav teacher too ( bought him few dvd)

  3. Wonderful presentation ..can you do an indepth from whites vantage point? thank you!

  4. I…huh.
    I sort of wanna study all.the animal-named openings!
    So I can be one with chess nature

  5. It's April 20 today, I honestly expected a bongcloud attack video XD

  6. Ah I get it now. It's a hippopotamus, slow yet good defence

  7. I played the Hippo for some years but my conclusion is that it's garbage.
    A GM might be able to make it work. But I guess a GM can make almost anything work.

  8. a point to bear in mind – 2 connected pawns on 7th rank = queen. (yes, it's obvious, but one should remember it) like in Kramnik vs. Svidler – Kramnik beating him in his own home field – the Grunfeld, of horse – by 2 connected passers.

    The GrĂĽnfeld Defence – Chess Openings Explained

    minute 11:20 – Kramnik vs. Svidler (Dortmund 1998)

  9. While playing this in a standard rapid game or even blitz might take some significant chess knowledge, but I've absolutely loved playing the hippo in bullet games, no one knows what to do against it and I win a lot of my games that I play with it.

  10. Got my first serious tournament game in 5 days. I know much theory of French and Scandinavian. But i am going with Hippo instead. I am guessing people are unfamiliar with it and make more mistakes 🙂

  11. Can white play the Hippo with with a tempo up? I think so!

  12. So I'm playing in the Larry Evans Memorial tournament in Reno this weekend and before the final round, I'm in my hotel room watching this video. I had a dismal tournament so far and there's no way I'm winning any $$$. So I thought what the hell, I'll play the Hippo! I ended up drawing with an opponent 100 ELO higher than me. Not bad for the first time playing it if I may say so myself.

  13. at my level i like to hold back on ….h6 as long as possible , hoping for white to put a piece on g5 when i gain a tempo with …. h6 -….g5 . i get that a lot and win a ton of games . opponent's are happy that they think they weakened my pawns . boy are they in for a shock !

  14. Thank you very much, Mr. Ruddell. So how goes it with the superb channel? Did you call it "Chess Giant" because you're physically a giant? I'm Really into humor, here's my jokes playlist:

    I saw your "Nescafé Frappe Attack" video recently. Very good! And as a d4 player, I can tell it's Very useful. Good work! Peace be upon you.

  15. watch out for games like: Maghsoodloo -Nakamura [1-0] and also Nakamura -comp20 [0-1] where Naka played his Hippo…and lost!!

  16. Leaving the rook to be taken by the bishop, this is playing in style !

  17. What an Outstanding and instructive Game that was! Thanks Salomon! .. M,.

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