Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Hippopotamus Defense


Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Hippopotamus Defense

Against the best chess openings for white, there are many strong chess openings for black such as the French Defense, Scandinavian Defense, Caro-Kann Defense, Sicilian Defense, Pirc Defense, King’s Indian Defense, Slav Defense, Nimzo-Indian Defense, Benko Gambit, etc. However, these chess openings are extremely popular and well known. How can we as black take white out of opening theory, while keeping the chess opening strategy at a high level? In today’s video, we cover the Hippopotamus Defense which works against any chess opening played by white including e4, d4, the English Opening, Bird’s Opening, King’s Indian Attack, etc. The Hippopotamus Defense includes black fianchettoing both bishops, and placing the knights directly in front of the king and queen. The Hippopotamus Defense may seem positional and drawish at first glance. However, I believe the Hippopotamus Defense to be a dangerous chess opening for black or white, as it holds a ton of potential for attacking chess. One advantage of this chess opening is that it doesn’t create any weaknesses in the position. In addition, the Hippopotamus Defense is extremely easy to learn, but is still a very good chess opening. Hippopotamus Defense keeps a high level of chess opening strategy, chess opening moves, chess opening theory, chess opening principles, chess opening tricks, chess opening traps, chess opening tips, and chess opening fundamentals. This is a very good chess opening for beginners and intermediate chess players. Chess moves, ideas, principles, strategy, tricks, lines, variations, tactics, secret checkmate strategy, fundamentals, theory, and traps are all important in chess openings, and the Hippopotamus Defense covers them all! The Hippopotamus Defense is one of the best chess openings for black, and best chess openings for white. Whether you are a chess beginner or a grandmaster, we hope you enjoy learning how to play the Hippopotamus Defense!

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  2. Great video!! Quick question… At 3:25 in vid, if white plays kb5, black b5, white Bb5 wouldn't this leave white in a good position locking the knight down at D7, albeit temporarily?

  3. Thanks for sharing hippo chess opening.

  4. Excellent coverage of the hippo! Think it may give another interesting strategy off of the Owen’s defense. Thanks for going over the Tony Miles game… helps putting it in additional context

  5. I've been waiting for you to cover this one!

  6. Very nice!

    I've always favored the knights over the bishops, so this would work for me.

  7. What when I was kid I used this

  8. Just discovered this channel and tbh, it's kinda sick

  9. This was the favorite opening, as Black, of Genrihk Chepukaitis, Russian Master, who Grandmasters feared at speed chess. As White, he played the Trompowsky. Thanks, Solomon.

  10. great video as usual!!

    only, I miss the expected Hippo's national geographic documentary! 😀

  11. Beautiful opening! 😎👌🏻
    One of the best underrated openings ever!

  12. Love it! I play this defense all the time. From Pirc to Modern to the Hippo. However, you said white can play this too? Never thought about that, and is there an advantage to that? Does one not lose tempo by using the Hippo for white as an opening? Maybe you can do a video on that? Thanks for your time on this!!

  13. Saw Magnus play this in blitz I wanna try this now so I’m here

  14. Yeeey what a nice video,I am a stubborn hippo player and have to say that quite often I'm getting my opponents into positions in which they are just completely passive and have almost no breakthrough- little do I always know that according to engine I'm just always worse, but the psychological pressure black has can play a role. Try to play this set-up with a6 on a first move, it can totally throw your opponent off

  15. Thanks for the opening! Time to confuse people with the hippo!

  16. your channel is so underrated I really hope you get more recognition cuz your videos are so full of information and you have a very soothing voice as well witch puts the icing on the cake, keep it up man much love <3

  17. everyone knows that the best hippopotamus defense is 1.e4 Nh6!!

  18. Adding this bad boy to the repertoire. Much obliged chess giant!

  19. is there a slightly different move order for the hippo (when playing as black), depending on whether white plays e4 or d4 first?
    thank you !

  20. Great video, was very instructive and interesting!:)

  21. My opening, tons of thanks for your explanation

  22. Why does'nt this channel have mores subs and veiws its so useful.

  23. Very nice video. I hope to see more good content from your channel.

  24. There is a game of leela c 0. Where lc0 played hippo.

  25. Even a 1600 like me can outstall a cheater with this

  26. I heard this is good to use against chess cheaters. Cheers!

  27. Nice work. How would this fair against a more attacking opening though. White is very slow in your example?

  28. Playing a tournament rn.
    Feels like my opponent is using an engine.
    Hippo is good against cheaters, so thank you for this vid

    My opponent got banned

  29. Hey Solomon, could you consider making an additional video on the Hippo when white challenges our set up?

  30. I would give all the cookies in my cookie jar if you would make a video on the Portuguese opening 1.e4 e5 2.Bb5
    You would be the first person to have this opening up on YouTube!

  31. I have been using this as a beginner/intermediate to switch it up from the Caro Kann and French and it has worked for me a lot. It's also very easy for me to play the move order and monitor so it saves me a bit more time while white is usually the one who has to think of how they are going to play against it. It also helps that not a lot of people at my rating seem to know this opening and because of those reasons I think this has become my favorite opening for black.

  32. The c in "fianchetto" is a hard k sound instead as far as I know. Thanks for the video on this opening, I became interested after Eric Rosen's "Don't mess with the hippo" video. 😀

  33. You mention that the move order doesn’t matter but I have found if people come out with bishops early you can lose the centre if you do your fianchettos first. Also if you start a fianchetto and don’t finish it you can lose your rooks

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