Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Kangaroo Defense!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Kangaroo Defense!

In today’s chess opening video, we go over the Kangaroo Defense, also considered the Keres Defense, one of the best replies to d4! We, by playing e6, give white the opportunity to transpose into the French Defense, which is why I strongly recommend this opening for French Defense players. In the Kangaroo Defense, we jump (yes, pun intended) the bishop to b4 and check the white king. Following these first two moves, black has a lot of potential to fight for the win, in fact, I believe this to be one of the strongest replies to d4. Since it is one of the best responses to d4, I am a little confused on why it is not more popular. However, I do understand that Sicilian, Caro-Kann, Scandinavian, Perk, and Alekhine players may be more hesitant. First off, many d4 players don’t want to go into a French Defense! Due to this, sometimes you will see the Kangaroo Defense continue as normal. In addition, if white does have a history with e4, we can transpose to the Sicilian with c5 if we want to. Yes, any e4 player is more than ready for the French Defense, but most d4 players aren’t. If you do play the French Defense, or even if you don’t, the Kangaroo Defense might be for you! We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Kangaroo Defense!

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  1. Someone played this against me recently, but I successfully transposed it to a catalan, which I'm more familiar with.

  2. Hey Solomon You will be surpassing the 1000 subscribers soon!

  3. The Kangaroo has a lot of similarity to the Nimzo Indian, but without all the theory. This makes it a good choice for casual and club players, but as you mentioned, you need to be ready to play the French.

  4. Fun fact: This opening is also called Keres defence, named after GM Paul Keres.

  5. I absolutely enjoy your videos, they are one better than the other! And increasingly funny!
    And I absolutely have issues with 1 d4, so I'm fond of every possible alternative to 1. ..d5 (as regards Indian, I m still trying to understand what Indian is fit for me).
    So thank you for great material you share!

  6. e4 is very unlikely to happen even after Qxb4 Computer likes white better

  7. Lately I've been looking at the vids titled Play e6 Against Everything, so this is a perfect fit for those of us who have limited repertoire time. I'd play the French as white, if I thought I'd get away with, say, the 1a3 Anderssen. Might be fun. Thanks.
    P.S. Play THAT against Brooklyn Dave. He'll never forgive you. Hehe

  8. May I ask why it has been named Kangaroo Defense? Thanks

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