Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Petrov’s Defense Against the Three Knights Game!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Petrov’s Defense Against the Three Knights Game!

Fabiano Caruana’s Petrov’s Defense Repertoire!

The Petrov’s Defense has become one of the strongest chess openings against e4, and has been popularized by Fabiano Caruana, arguably the greatest Petrov’s Defense player to ever live. In our last video, we went over Caruana’s favorite variations against the Classical Variation and Steinitz Defense, while today we review the Three Knights Game. The Three Knights game is one of the most popular chess openings for white, and we could go into the Four Knights game, but I prefer the move d6! It provides a dynamic and tense position, where black can fight for the win. In addition, d6 does perform very well at the master and grandmaster level! Black is going to develop the pieces, fight for the center, and look to checkmate the opponent’s king. Chess strategy, theory, principles, moves, and variations are all important in the Petrov’s Defense. It is a very strong chess opening for black, and just like any good chess opening needs some preparation. However, compared to the Sicilian Defense, French Defense, or Caro-Kann, it is a very easy opening to learn. We hope that you enjoy learning how to play the Petrov’s Defense against the Three Knights Game!

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  1. Basically a Philidor. I love the Philidor so this video is very helpful

  2. At 3:18 bxf7 wins a rook. For white. After bxf7 if you take back there is ng5+, kg8, ne6 threatening queen, qe8, and then nxc7 forking queen and rook

  3. 6:39 what if white takes the pawn on b5 with the knight?

  4. This video combined with your previous Petrov video provide an interesting and sound method of meeting 1.e4. Of course you will also need to be ready to face the King's Gambit, Center Game, Vienna, etc. I am already starting to use the lines you covered in these two videos.

  5. Very good video! Really a great repertoire of openings you provide! Thanks a lot!

  6. Awesome video. Hoping to get more videos on petrov defense

  7. The basics of this are very familiar to me as a regular practitioner of the Philidor/Old Indian structure, both as White and as Black, but this looks more dynamic than my usual game, so I will be looking at this against 1e4. Ditto your Old Benoni vid gives me new possibilities against 1d4. Thanks again for shaking up my sometimes 2D viewpoint. Cheerio.

  8. As a noobie, at 1100, at 8:22 why would the pawn go f4 instead of f3 attacking the knight?

  9. Great video mate…. Please upload French defence opening videos…..

  10. At 6:44 can't the night capture on b5 and further plan to defend the knight on c7

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