Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Pirc Defense – Crushing the 150 Attack!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Pirc Defense – Crushing the 150 Attack!

The Pirc Defense against the 150 Attack starts off with the following moves:

1. e4 d6
2. d4 Nf6
3. Nc3 g6
4. Be3 c6
5. Qd2

With the 150 Attack, white is making a very aggressive setup against the Pirc Defense. The 150 Attack player would like us to castle kingside and reach a Sicilian Dragon type of game but with white getting the head start. However, in this video on the Pirc Defense, we will be recommending that you do not castle kingside (usually) and get a head start against the 150 Attack! We will show how the Pirc Defense uses good chess opening lines, chess opening strategy, chess opening variations, chess opening principles, chess opening traps, chess opening theory, chess opening tricks, chess opening moves, and chess opening ideas to help you win against e4 fast. The Pirc Defense is a top tier chess opening for black, and is also a good chess opening for beginners. The Pirc Defense, additionally, is a good chess opening for intermediate players. Why? It shows you how to play good chess, putting chess strategy, chess theory, and chess principles at the forefront of every move. If you learn how to play the Pirc Defense, you will win games quickly and improve at chess fast. In this beginner chess lesson, we will be showing you the lines and variations for black against the 150 Attack, but more than that we want to show you the ideas, moves, and themes which can be used in the opening as a whole. The Pirc Defense theory is rich and why this is considered a top tier chess opening for black against e4. Many Pirc Defense players don’t enjoy playing against the 150 Attack, and I will admit that it seems a little intimidating. However, if you are prepared for the lines and variations, while having good strategy in mind, the Pirc Defense player is the guy who everyone needs to be worried about! The Pirc Defense can help you win at chess, win more games, and have some fun while doing it. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Pirc Defense against the 150 Attack!

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  1. Underrated channel.. I'd like to thank you for all the knowledge that you gave me , chess giant

  2. Hey Solomon, can you make a repertoire video for white to play for the king's gambit?

  3. pirc defense sveshnikov variation g3 and bg2 move

  4. This was awesome. Well done. If you're taking requests, I am trying to determine, as Black, when should I play the Pirc OR when should I play the Czech Pirc. Any advice appreciated.

  5. Plenty of good ideas for attack and defense of the K-side fianchetto.

  6. This is incredible material, and I say that as a 1500 who has been playing the Pirc (or KID) almost exclusively for like a year. You could probably stand to slow down a half step because you go pretty fast, but then that's the benefit of having a rewind-able video 🙂 Thanks so much!

  7. Be3 with the idea of taking out black's bishop seems to happen in other fianchetto openings too. I should keep your idea in mind every time I fianchetto as black!

  8. Please prepare the video for pirc fincheto

  9. Excellent and full of interesting ideas! Many thanks for posting this video.

  10. Please suggest​ more​ line​ for​ a3 after​ we​ played b5.​ I​ really​ struggle to​ survive their attack

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