Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Reti Opening / Reti Gambit!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Reti Opening / Reti Gambit!

Today we take a look at the Reti Opening / Reti Gambit. This chess opening line has two different names, but most seem to call it the Reti Gambit. This is a a strong chess opening for white which borrows ideas from the Old Benoni Defense and Benko Gambit. In this beginner’s chess lesson we cover the chess moves, chess ideas, chess theory, and chess strategy. We hope that this helps you improve at chess and become a better chess player.

Introduction 0:00
Reti Gambit Accepted 0:41
Reti Gambit Advance Variation 5:29
Reti Gambit Declined 11:28

Want to learn very similar chess opening systems but for black?? CLICK BELOW!

Old Benoni Defense Theory:
Benko Gambit Theory:

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  1. You essentially said what others said but your video was so much better, faster, and easier to find. Thank you for this video

  2. I love this accepted, i'm working at getting better when it is declined.

  3. Woahhh, im a benoni player for black and have been looking for some fun openings for white. This has SO MANY similarities to the benoni!!! Its uncanny lol, this is such a fun opening, thanks for expanding my arsenal ^^

  4. At 3:20, when Black defends with B5, I’d highly suggest attacking the C4 pawn, if he takes, Bxb5 wins a pawn with check, winning you tempo


  6. I start with the Reti most times hoping for the Tennison gambit. … It's probably not very good, but neither am I. XD
    Here's a completely normal chess tutorial for the curious. They start e4 d5, but in my experience you're more likely to get the gambit starting with the reti.

  7. Love this opening, I just generally love to start with Nf3, been paying it for a while. I'm just bad at chess haha

  8. Some very interesting ideas here! Many thanks, Sir!

  9. Its technicaly the reverse bennoni with 1 tempo advantage

  10. Great video. Btw fide to begin issuing fines for all non Hippo 🦛 openings. YouTube guidelines sure to follow.

  11. just an update, since i first commented last night I already won 6 games with Reti

  12. YESSSS! Thanks for the Reti Opening. Its going to my repertoire!

  13. What about alternative black first moves like N-KB3?

  14. Will learn this opening. Thanks

  15. Hey Solomon! Could you please bring the Lisitisin Gambit in the Zukertort Opening agaisnt the Dutch variation? Cheers!

  16. Thanks for the encylopedia of openings you have on this channel. I really appreciate your effort. However, openings memorisation are only useful for master level. For beginner and intermediate level its better to learn chess strategy, positional play and attacking ideas. So please keep doing what you do, but add this type of content so the videos don't become repetitive and it will definitly be appreciated.

  17. My first ever chess game, decades ago, I played the Reti without knowing the theory. Lots of similar ideas to a reversed Benoni with a move in hand, to my eye.

  18. I immediately saw the similarities to the Sturm Gambit. I like it when knowledge of one opening augments learning another opening.

  19. Dude can you please cover the English opening

  20. Nice, I wanted to learn a hypermodern opening for white, after learning some Hippo, and you made a Reti video.

  21. Thank you ! There is a famous trap in the gambit Reti accepted, I thought it would be nice to mention it. It goes like that : 1. Nf3 d5 2.c4 dxc4 3.e3 Nf6 4.Bxc4 Bg4 5.Ne5

  22. Clear & informative video. Wish however it covered b4 (reverse Benko?) Advance variation with specific sample lines.

  23. You say “simply” so frequently it almost comes off as pretentious

  24. Thanks for these, Solomon. I just recently picked up 1.Nf3 and have jumbled together some plans I already knew from queen's gambit and english. It's nice to see the theory ideas specific to this.

  25. I've been studying this opening, thanks for this video. And I 100 percent agree with 3. b3 when the gambit is declined, Thats been my favorite variation to look into.

  26. my favorite opening, the "oh no i accidentally premoved nf3 but he played the scandi" gambit

  27. Thank you very much I was streaming chess and lost every game that this opening was used

  28. I always play nf3 never knew it was a proper opening move 😅

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