Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Scandinavian Defense Against the Lizard Attack with 2. … Nc3!

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Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Scandinavian Defense Against the Lizard Attack with 2. … Nc3!

There are many strong chess openings for black against e4. These include e5, the Caro-Kann Defense, Sicilian Defense, Pirc Defense, French Defense, Modern Defense, and Alekhine Defense. However, one of the most popular chess openings for black against e4 is the Scandinavian Defense, an opening in which Viswanathan Anand achieved a better middlegame position against Garry Kasparov! In today’s video, we will be sharing the chess opening theory, chess opening moves, chess opening strategy, chess opening fundamentals, chess opening ideas, chess opening traps, chess opening tricks to win fast, and the secret checkmate strategy behind the Scandinavian Defense. The Scandinavian is one of the oldest chess openings in all of chess and has an amazing track record against master and grandmaster level competition. The Scandinavian Defense is a good chess opening for chess beginners and intermediate chess players because it helps the chess player improve in their chess strategy, chess theory, chess moves, chess fundamentals, chess principles, secret checkmate strategy, chess tricks to win fast, chess tricks, chess traps, and chess tricks. Usually, white will accept the Scandinavian Defense with 2. exd5! However, we as Scandinavian Defense players need to be ready for anything that comes our way. This includes the move 2. …Nc3 which leads into the Lizard Attack! In this video, I give you my recommendation against the closed line of the Scandinavian Defense as I look to show you my favorite chess theory, chess lines, and chess variations with the Scandinavian Defense declined. The Scandinavian Defense is a good chess opening which shows how to play chess and how to win at chess. Why? With all of the good chess opening theory and good chess opening strategy, it is helpful for players at all levels, but especially gives beginner chess tips and beginner chess strategy. If there was a chess openings tier list for the best chess openings against e4, the Scandinavian Defense would be towards the very top. Whether you are a beginner chess player, intermediate chess player, we hope you enjoy learning how to play the Scandinavian Defense!

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  1. Ahh. The Van Geet and the Scandi. Win/win. Thanks, Solomon. It's strange how I've come back to openings I had in the early days, rejected (because I was tactically weak and blamed the opening), then returned to because… they are fun to play. Cheers.

  2. Even though I'll never reach those positions, I like how deep you go into the lines

  3. what a coincedence, I actually started playing both scandi and lizard attack (as white) like a week ago and now a video comes out.
    By the way! Could you make a video on some offbeat system for white against the French defence, french warfare gets old pretty fast and it would be great to take french players out of their tested waters

  4. How to play ponziani against sicilian I have a lot of problems playing against the sicilian

  5. Nice! I’ve been enjoying the 3.Nf3 Scandi for white lately…. and I’ve been curious about the 2…Nf6 move for Black.
    I’ve never encountered this, but I’ll (try to) remember your video!! 🙏🙏

  6. I hope my opponents don't see your videos 😀

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