Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Snyder Variation Against the Sicilian Defense!

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Chess Openings: Learn to Play the Snyder Variation Against the Sicilian Defense!

The Sicilian Defense is the most popular chess opening for black against e4. Oftentimes, white will go into the Main Line, Danish Gambit, Wing Gambit, or Grand Prix Attack. However, the Sicilian Defense player is usually well prepared for these chess opening variations. In today’s video, I am recommending the Snyder Variation as one of the best chess openings for white against the Sicilian Defense. The Snyder Variation is easy to learn, has good chess opening strategy, and is very hard to deal with. The Snyder Variation starts with the following moves:

1. e4 c5
2. b3

The Snyder Variation is also called the “b3 Sicilian,” and is surprisingly hard to play against. The Snyder Variation has good chess opening strategy, chess opening theory, and chess opening principles. The Snyder Variation is great chess opening for beginner chess players and intermediate chess players as it is easy to learn, and is one of the strong chess openings in chess. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the Snyder Variation against the Sicilian Defense!

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  1. Sicilian player here, I just met this for the first time ever today and was very confused. Thankfully, so was my opponent (they played f3 in the middlegame???) so I still won, and now I'm snooping around to learn how to destroy this. Thanks for the info, it is now assimilated into my brain, and I am 80% complete formulating the perfect counter.

  2. This lesson was MAGNIFICENT and I will DEFINITELY use it until my rating goes over 2000(and maybe longer!)

  3. I love your videos but as soon as i start them i get irritated by your voice

  4. Professor Ruddell,

    Maybe you could do a video on online chess etiquette?

    For example, after you make a blunder (not catastrophic, but not insignificant either), do you think you should resign (so as not to waste your opponent's time) ?

    Or, do you think you should fight to the bitter end to improve your chess skills when (significantly) behind in material? And maybe your opponent will run out of time before you.

    Thank you for your insights and opinion!

  5. What's up with the bots in the comment section

  6. Finally something I'll play against the Sicilian.

  7. You deserve more views and subscribers. Great vid, thanks for this

  8. Great explanation of the Snyder variation. There is not a lot of material available on this line, so this video is very useful. Thanks.

  9. Can you make a video about the Alapin's opening (not a sicilian variation but 1. e4 e5 2. Ne2)? It looks extremely wild and fun to play but there are not a lot of videos about that opening. Also, a video about the English opening would also be great. I really enjoy playing it but sometimes I lose in the opening because there isn't a lot of videos on yt about it so my theory is pretty bad.

  10. I don’t know why but your voice reminds me of Toby Flenderson! Also, thanks to you I have something up my sleeve against Sicilian.

  11. A great youtube channel!!
    Keep going….

  12. Nice one Solomon! Underrated is a massive understatement for your content!

  13. Thank You so much for the vídeo and for the spanish! Great explanation….i played this line but now i understand much better,greetings from Perú (sub of course)
    And….sorry for My English 😅😅

  14. What about the line 1. e4 c5 2. b3 d6 3. Bb2 Nf6? This seems to give black better counterplay.

  15. I don't really play e4 except in rare cases but this is a really great option against c5! And a good video 🙂

  16. Can you please make a video on Rook and Queen endgame

  17. Hey bro, thank you for making this interesting low theory line against the Sicilian
    I appreciate it alot 😊

  18. In a low rated I can develope my 2 knight because they play Qd4

  19. Excellent explanation! I discovered the Snyder attack pretty much by accident, while trying different responses to the Sicilian, and was surprised how well it worked, considering I'd never heard of it. I agree with all your points. The two bishops aimed at black's kingside, the failure of black's e5 as counterplay, the use of f4 (which actually works and doesn't turn into a white disaster), the cramped black position around the queen. It's quickly become my favourite response to the Sicilian.

  20. Good video… but this doesn't talk about an early Nf6 at any point

  21. Outstanding video. I always face d6 and e5 when I play the Snyder against players who are prepared

  22. I don't know why you don't get many views. Your videos are great and I always learn a lot from them! Thanks for this one. I like the little stonewall hole for White's N near the end of this one! Cool!! Keep up the good work!

  23. Snyder opening is weak and dubious should never be played in classical games. Snyder is hardly ever used by top and proper players

  24. Robert Snyder is in prison serving a life sentence for child molestation after being on America's most wanted and fleeing to Latin America where he preyed on more children until he was captured. Snyder was a 2200 ELO player in the 1980s who wrote a self-aggrandizing small booklet that named 2.b3 after himself. IM Moshe Czerniak pioneered this opening decades earlier and probably deserves naming rights along with the real hero of 2.b3, 2650-rated GM Tamas Gelashvili. All of that is to say that Snyder's name should be deleted and forgotten in chess opening theory, and he was not a strong player to begin with, weaker than the ChessGiant (or just barely stronger than I am for that matter, 2100 otb). Anyhow, I suggest re-naming this to Czerniak or Czerniak-Gelashvili Attack — or simply "The b3 Sicilian". Best regards!

  25. I love this setup, i saw it in a YouTube video by gothamchess (think he has a course on the snyder) and i just basically started winging it. Lot of the moves play themselves – very easy opening to learn and most Sicilian players won't know what to do! I especially love the F4 push, and also found this myself. You get very similar positions from this opening, i could recognize a lot of positions from this video – makes it all the more easier to learn

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