Chess Openings – Nimzo-Indian Defence

Chess openings – Nimzo-Indian Defence
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  1. At 8 minutes, white should have used knight to take black queen. Much better than sacrificing white queen for black queen. Just my humble opinion?

  2. This is definitely the most useful video I've ever seen. Congratulations, you just got a new subscription.

  3. Thank YOU and,, Tutorial App for Nimzo PLZ…

  4. I'm struggling to find a variation I have in mind anywhere on the internet. As a low rated player I may see this variation of the Nimzo in my game.

    1. d4 nf6 2. c4 e6 3. nc3 bb4 4. say e3 or nf3, black then responds with Ne4?!

    Question is, how do I deal with this pesky Ne5? Do I need to play Qc2 or bd2 to prevent that? Is Ne4 otherwise good for black? Thanks. This Ne4 is something I'm likely to see at my level.

  5. After bishop playing what is opponent plays pawn attacking bishop?

  6. Derque can you still fienchetto the bishop even if white doesn't play Qc2? And instead of c5 can you play Bxc3 followed by d6 fienchetto the bishop and then c5 later on? Thanks I will appreciate your feedback

  7. When I said c5 I meant c5 in the variation where he doesn't play Qc2

  8. Dereque, what happens if white plays Bd2? Why is it not good exactly?

  9. if 5… d5 then after 6.Bg5 will pin that f6-knight. what should i'll do next?

  10. What happens if White responds with 5.Bd2? Is it a bad move or there are better moves? BTW great video and explanation

  11. A new question that has appeared on my mind lately, Dereque… sometimes players who play Qc2 will find themselves free to play e4 next turn (if they don't mind the doubled-pawns). Even with double pawns, they can get the center with e4-d4, and game now gets much harder for black.

  12. At 8:06 why can't white break the pin on the knight by playing 1. a3 Ba5 (maintaining the pin) 2. b4 unpinning the knight with a double attack on bishop and Queen? All with a tempo on the bishop

  13. Arguably one of the best chess instructors/teachers out there….keep going Dereque, youre killing it

  14. Why don't we have chess middle games & chess endings by Dereque

  15. In my opinion in chess the queenside castling procedure is not done correctly in the rules of chess. I quess Mr. Ruy Lopez who introduced the castling thing forgot to add one more square to the Kings move to the long castling procedure on the queenside. Here's the correction: When long castling on the queenside only, the king should move "three squares' to the left instead of only two squares to the left and the rook goes on the other side of him as usual. This modification is needed to make castling symmetrical fitted like it's done when kingside castling. The purpose of castling in the first place is to tuck the king safely into the corner of the chessboard instead of half way into the center of the board where the king is not protecting the queen's rook pawn like it's supposed to when it's done when kingside castling.

  16. I come to your videos Dereque for advice. You're concise and informative, very good presentations.

  17. Why cant white queen go a4 (check) and capture bishop on b4

  18. Classical line i feel gives black better chances.the light color bishop is a little weak in the classical line.

  19. Dereque can you make middle game and endgame tactics? It would be great and less time consuming than opening and will help beginners alot thanks!!!

  20. Love your videos, Dereque! Are your apps still available for Android? I've have trouble finding them in the Google Play store…

  21. What do you mean by theory shows that……

  22. HEY, I am a real fan, hope one day Mr Petrov accepts my friend request on and we play a little just for fun…

  23. Why pawn a3 isn’t possible kicking out the Bishop on b4?

  24. What about after
    5 … Qxd5
    6 Nf3 Qf5
    7 Qa5+
    winning bishop & protecting pawn ? What am i missing here ?

  25. Q checks king. Free BISHOP FOR WHITE

  26. But what if the white plays Bd2 instead of Qc2

  27. Dereque-I think that you have the some of the best explanations of chess openings on Youtube. You get right to point with an explanation of each move and position. Well played.

  28. Where are you from? You sound American at times but then have a bit of an odd accent in certain moments. Just curious. I suspect you're an American that speaks a second language and lives in a foreign country? At any rate, your videos are much appreciated. Thank you so much!

  29. when I start as white with queen's pawn to d4,
          and black responds with his first move as king's side knight to fc6 (presumably initiating the Nimzo-Indian  defense),
          is there a specific attack (? Catalan, ? London, ? other)
          that works best against the Nimzo-Indian defense
          (in order for me to know what best 2nd move I should make as white) ?

    thank you for all you have done for the chess community!

  30. Recently I started playing chess and your videos have helped me a lot. Thanks!

  31. Great explanations, this is very helpful and appreciated.

  32. I absolutely love your videos. They are digestible without being simplistic.

  33. this guy taught me chess here on this channel

  34. @ 838 why not white queen a4 check then take the bishop?

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