Chess openings – Philidor Defence

Chess openings – Philidor
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  1. Great video! I generally go for the Ruy Lopez with white, but I often end up facing this defence. My standard line is "3. h3" to prevent the knight-pin by black's light-squared bishop. That has worked well for me, but I've always wanted to find a strong alternative, and I've never really considered "3. d4." I've looked at some top level GM games to figure out how to play this, but your video does a great job of breaking down the theories of this opening. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Nice video Dereque.  Black's ideas are much richer with 1…d6 2.d4 Nf6 3.Nc3 Nbd7 and here black need not play exd4, rather he leaves the pawn tension in the center for now and proceeds with Be7 and O-O entering the hanham variation.  Your coverage of Bf4 lines was outstanding, by the way.

  3. Wow! I can't get enough of these videos, I learned so much and I understand chess openings better now!

  4. HI Dereque, you're just awesome man. I'm just a noob but I'm learning a lot from your videos. The fact that you physically explain all these videos with a smiling face  makes me want to learn more. Please keep making more videos. :). 
    Thank You.!

  5. Hi Dereque…  I've been playing for nearly 50 years and your videos are taking my game to a new level.  Thank you VERY much!  I hope that at some point you can get more of your apps ported to android. 

  6. I like the fact you support opening memorization :D.

  7. Mr kelley could you please make a Video about the bird opening I think this would be really interresting:)

  8. Simply brilliant the way you break it down to easy to understand moves and their ideas. Thank you!

  9. As white I had  good game against philidor defense andafter knight c3 I played bishop c4 and then bishop b3 and in computer analysis it was not a mistake and with that bishop and queen I made a checkmate with queen h7 h8 cause black casled and closed with rock from a8 to e8.    

      Dereque in a professional game would black find it difficult with bishop c4 b3  or it is a move that would destroy white considering white castles on kings side?

  10. This doesn't help against players who won't play exd4, the Callaham attack being an example of a system designed after the fact that black can play Nf6 (4.dxe5 Nxe4 5.Qe5 Nc5) 4.Nc3 Nbd7 5.Bc4 Be7  6.0-0 0-0

  11. So in other words; don't play the Philidor. Dereque I love these videos. Every time I take on learning a new opening your videos are the first I look for. Thanks for all your work.

  12. I'm an amateur chess player, and I have to face off against an a-class player in a couple weeks at blitz. I normally play e4 with white. My suspicion is that if i play white, i might run into the french defense, but I'm hoping to god he doesn't play the kings gambit. I feel pretty comfortable as white in a few openings (mainly sicilian and italian.) against the queens gambit as black, i normally just try to trudge through it, and normally decline. Can you give me any advice about making my game its best to give me a sporting chance against this a class player?

  13. Wow. I've never really thought about flanking the f1-bishop much before here. I usually developed it to c4 or e2, where black would chase my pieces around with his queenside pawns. Thanks!

  14. Let's not forget about "The French's defense", and "The English's Attack"

  15. Why is black practically forced to play pawn takes pawn on d4? What about 3…Nd7?

  16. really love your video, i just subcribed. thanks so much for your time and opening up with your knowledge.

  17. As a beginner how should I go about studying opening moves? I watched the video but honestly had trouble following because of all the change up situations. The presenter did a great job though.

  18. Really great video. I learned a lot, thank you 🙂

  19. What if at 2:10, Black plays to g4, pinning the Knight? It doesn't seem comfortable for white.

  20. thank you thank you thank you for the videos. your assessment of chess openings is so clear and easy to understand. you have a gift my friend. keep up the great work!

  21. This video breaks it down step by step and I love it. Subscribed 4 life!

  22. just faced the philidor the first time and interestingly i played almost all the right moves without ever seeing it! must be all your videos teaching me general knowledge :3

  23. Excellent lecture! Until watching this video, I never really knew, how to respond to Philidor Defence. Thank you, Dereque.

  24. Why not Bc4 consolidating control of d5 and putting the bishop on an excellent diagonal to attack the king?

  25. I love the way you teach Mr. Kelley. Very well done.

  26. This is wonderful! Your explanations are so clear and logical, thank you so much for doing these videos.

  27. You're videos are by far the best opening videos you can find on the internet! They are especially good because you also show how to play as white in openings for black and the other way around.

  28. Against the yoegaslav attack a6 b5 (pawn storm from black) can be devastating when having a long rokade. I choose not to play anymore. But it is a very Nice attack.

  29. You'd think there'd be more to this defense since it's named after Philidor.

  30. Hi there, just wondering what are your thoughts on the Black Lion? Saw some vids on that, so now checking out the Philidor. Since they're related would you not recommend playing the Black Lion so much either? Cheers!

  31. What about Bc4? That’s usually how I choose to deploy the bishop. I pair it with Bf4 and retain the possibility of castling either kingside or queenside, whichever one suits my mood I guess. Is it illogical to develop the bishop to c4 before castling queenside?

  32. This is just one variation of the Philidor….i think you chose the least dynamic lines for black in this video . On move 4 black can maintain tension in the center with nbd7, the so called hanham variation. I play this regularly and often beat much stronger players, the positions are generally solid and require patience from both sides, however most white players underestimate the Philidor thus lash out too soon in an attempt to punish this "inferior"opening and end up losing quite quickly..

  33. In, playing 10 min blitz, half the time my opponents playing black go for the philidor. I cannot fathom why! I used to play 6. Bc4, but your suggestion of Bf4 and later 0-0-0 is awesome. I will try from now on.

  34. What would you play if after 3. d4 black plays Bg4 pinning the knight?

  35. Haha did you record this video backwards? It's night time at 0:07, evening at 1:08, late afternoon at 3:50 and early afternoon at 6:29. Wtf 😂

  36. Thanks. I love your videos as you explain some very basic strategies that help me plan my openings. I am assuming you have changed your name and no longer go by Dereque.

  37. Dont put your literature at center of the we cant see the pieces

  38. Great videos! And thank you for adding Spanish subtitles! I was able to share your videos with my dad thanks to that!

  39. Love these videos. But I can't follow black as well when showing board from white perspective… anyone else, or just noobs like me? Lol

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